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Fund Flow Trends

Jul 07 2020

Net Inflow AND Outflow Records Set This Year

  • Jul 7, 2020

As of May 2020, domestic equity mutual funds and bond mutual funds have seen record outflow, while money market mutual funds have received record net inflow. Domestic equity and bond ETFs are also experiencing record net inflow YTD.

Oct 05 2019

Cash Flows Accelerate Out Of Stock Funds Into Bond And Money Market

  • Oct 5, 2019

Bond and money-market fund subsets are seeing strong net cash inflows year-to-date, having captured $581 billion thus far (versus $176 billion at this time last year).

Jul 03 2019

Cash Flows Decisively From Stock Funds, To Bond And Money Market Funds

  • Jul 3, 2019

Through May 2019, total net cash flow into equity and hybrid mutual funds and ETFs have turned negative.

Apr 03 2019

Flows Muted For Most Equity Categories

  • Apr 3, 2019

As of the end of February, net cash flow into equity fund categories was subdued compared to that logged for the first two months of 2018.

Jan 07 2019

Flows Subdued Y/Y Across Categories

  • Jan 7, 2019

As of November 2018, net cash flows into mutual funds and ETFs are positive but significantly muted compared to those logged at this time in 2017.

Oct 05 2018

Flows Subdued Across Categories

  • Oct 5, 2018

Through August 2018, total net cash flows into mutual funds and ETFs are positive but remain muted compared to those logged at this time in 2017.

Jul 06 2018

2018 Flows Muted Across Categories

  • Jul 6, 2018

In 2017, equity and bond funds captured a staggering net $400+ billion. In 2018, uneasy investors are still buying funds, but at subdued levels compared to the same period last year.

Apr 05 2018

2018 Fund Flows Off To A Slow Start

  • Apr 5, 2018

Volatile markets in 2018 have lent to relatively subdued mutual fund (MF) and ETF inflows.

Jan 06 2018

Fund Flow Trends - January 2018

  • Jan 6, 2018

Cumulatively, mutual funds (MFs) and ETFs (ex-money market funds) captured more money in 2017 YTD than any other year over the same period (data through November).

Oct 06 2017

YTD Fund Inflow Highest On Record

  • Oct 6, 2017

On a cumulative basis, YTD through August, equity and bond funds (ex. money market) have captured more money than ever before over the same period.

Jun 06 2017

YTD Fund Inflow Remains Highest Since 2013

  • Jun 6, 2017

Excluding money market, all equity and bond fund categories have captured cumulative net cash inflow that is more than five times the level seen at this time last year. ETF inflow this year has accounted for nearly 80% of all flows.

Apr 06 2017

YTD Fund Inflow Highest Since 2013

  • Apr 6, 2017

YTD Fund Inflow Highest Since 2013

Jan 06 2017

Fund Inflow Subdued In 2016

  • Jan 6, 2017

Net cash inflow for 2016 (through November) was muted relative to that of the same period in 2015.

Oct 06 2016

Fund Inflows Subdued In 2016

  • Oct 6, 2016

Bond mutual funds, bond ETFs, and domestic-focused equity ETFs are the only categories registering material positive cash flows YTD.

Jul 08 2016

Stock/Bond Market Fund Flow Trends

  • Jul 8, 2016

Bond funds (including ETFs), foreign-focused equity mutual funds and domestic-focused ETFs are the only categories capturing positive cash flows YTD.

Apr 07 2016

Inflows For Bond Funds In 2016, Thanks To ETF Subset

  • Apr 7, 2016

While net cash flows were negative for equity funds through February 2016 (not too surprising given the sharp equity market sell-off), bond funds collected net cash inflows.

Jan 15 2016

Investors Favor Foreign Focused Funds and ETF Products in 2015

  • Jan 15, 2016

Equity funds with a foreign focus remained the most popular fund category in 2015 (through November) as measured by net cash inflows from investors.

Jul 08 2015

Investors Favor Equity Over Bond Funds So Far in 2015

  • Jul 8, 2015

Rising rates have set fund flow trends back on course to those seen over the last two years. Cumulatively, equity funds have now captured more net cash YTD than that collected by bond funds.

Oct 07 2014

Fund Flow Trends Established In 2013 Persist In 2014—Just To A Lesser Extent

  • Oct 7, 2014

As we progress through 2014, a shift in fund flow trends established midway through 2013 is still intact—just more subtly so.

Jul 08 2014

2013 Fund Flow Trends Hold In 2014—Equities Still The Preference

  • Jul 8, 2014

Newfound fund flow trends established midway through 2013 are still unbroken halfway into 2014. Even with net cash inflows resuming to bond mutual funds, the definitive shift in preference for equity funds, although more subtle, is still intact.