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Industry Groups

Advertising Aerospace & Defense Agricultural Products Air Freight & Logistics Airlines Aluminum Apparel Accessories & Textiles Apparel Retail Application Software Asset Management & Custody Banks Auto Parts & Equipment Automobile Manufacturers Automotive Retail Beverages Biotechnology Broadcasting Building Products Cable & Satellite Coal & Consumable Fuels Commercial Services Commodity Chemicals Communications Equipment Computer & Electronics Retail Computer & Office Hardware Computer Storage & Peripherals Construction & Engineering Construction & Farm Machinery & Heavy Trucks Construction Materials Consumer Discretionary Consumer Electronics Consumer Finance Consumer Staples Data Processing & Outsourced Services Department Stores Developed Wireless Telecom Distillers & Vintners Diversified Banks Diversified Financial Services Diversified Metals & Mining Drug Retail Education Services Electric Utilities Electronic Equipment & Instruments Electronic Manufacturing Services Emerging Diversified Banks Emerging Electric Utilities Employment Services Energy Environmental & Facilities Services Fertilizers & Agriculture Chemicals Financials Food & Staples Retail Food Retail & Distributors Gas Utilities General Merchandise Stores Generic Drugs Health Care Health Care Distributors Health Care Equipment Health Care Facilities Health Care Services Health Care Services & Technology Home Entertainment Software Home Improvement Retail Homebuilders Homebuilding Homefurnishing Retail Hotels & Leisure Household Durables Housing Human Resources & Employment Services Hypermarkets & Super Centers Independent Power Producers Independent Power Producers & Energy Traders Industrial Conglomerates Industrial Gases Industrials Info Tech Information Technology Insurance Integrated Oil & Gas Integrated Telecom Services Internet Retail Internet Software & Services Investment Banking & Brokerage IT Consulting & Other Services IT Services Life & Health Insurance Life Sciences Life Sciences Tools & Services Managed Health Care Marine Materials Mining Mortgage Movies & Entertainment Multi-Line Insurance Multi-Utilities Natural Gas Networking Equipment Oil & Gas Drilling Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Oil & Gas Storage & Transportation Paper & Forest Products Paper Packaging Personal Products Pharmaceuticals Photographic Products Precious Metals Property & Casualty Insurance Publishing Railroads Real Estate Investment Trusts Regional Banks Reinsurance REITs Research & Consulting Services Restaurants Road & Rail Semiconductor Equipment Semiconductors Specialized Finance Specialized Services Specialty Chemicals & Gases Specialty Stores Steel Systems Software Technology Technology Distributors Technology Hardware Storage & Peripherals Telecommunication Services Thrifts & Mortgage Finance Tobacco Trading Companies & Distributors Trucking Utilities Wireless Telecommunication Services

Other Categories

10-Day Oscillator 10-Month Moving Average 10-Month Moving Crossover Signals 10-Month Moving Crossover Strategy 10-Year 10-Year Bond 10-Year Bond Yield 10-Year Forward 10-Year Forward Return 10-Year Government Bond 10-Year Treasurys 10-Yr/3-Mo Treasury Yield Curve 10Y-3M 12-Month Gains 12-Month High 12-Month-Trailing Inflation-Adjusted Percentage Change 120-Month Moving Average 1900 1958 Minneapolis Star 1987 1990s 1999 2-Year Treasurys 200-Day Moving Average Crossover Signals 2000-2002 Bear Market 2s10s 3-Month Treasury 3-Year Treasury 4% Club 5% Club 5-Year Treasury 50-Day Moving Average 50-Day Moving Average Crossover Signals 60/40 A-Shares A/D Line AANA ACR Active vs. Passive Active/Passive 6-Factor Series ACWI Ex-USA ADRs Advance/Decline AdvantHedge Advertising Beneficiaries Affluent Consumer All Asset GTAA Portfolio All Asset No Authority Allocation Model Alternative Assets Alternative Investments Amazon AMC Americas Analyst Estimates Annual Cycle Annual Gain Annual Growth Rate Annual Price Performance Annual Productivity Growth Annual Returns Annual Total Returns Annualized Excess Returns Annualized Returns Annualized Total Return Anomalies Anti-Fiat Currency Basket Apple Argentina Aristocrats ARK Innovation ETF ARKK Asia Asia Exposure Asset Allocation Asset Allocation Portfolio Asset Allocation Scorecard Asset Allocation Strategies Asset Allocation Strategy Asset Bubbles Asset Classes Asset Growth Rate Asset Price Inflation Attitudinal Attractive Attractive Groups Aussie Bonds Auto Automotive Dealerships Autonomous Vehicles Average Hourly Workweek Average Returns B-Shares BAA Corporate Bonds Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Ratios Bank Lending Bank Run Bank Term Funding Program Bankruptcy Banks Barclays Base-Effect Baseball Basing Zone Bear Bear Market Bear Market Low Bear Market Rally Bear Markets Bellwethers BenchMarks Bernanke Beta Beta Bounce Big 10 Groups Big Tech Bill Rate Biodefense Bitcoin Bloomberg Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index Blue Book Blue Chips Bond Agg Yield Bond Funds Bond Yield Bond Yield Ratios Bond Yields Bonds Book Value Boom-Bust Barometer Boom/Bust Indicator Bounce Branded Brazil Breadth Breadth Thrust Breakeven Rate Breakouts Brent Crude Oil Brexit BRIC Brick & Mortar Retail Bridesmaid British Pound Broker/Dealer Index Bubble Bubble Tops Bubbles Buffer Funds Bull Bull Market Bull Market Confirmation Indicator Bull Market Highs Bull Market Peak Bull Markets Bull-Bear Spread Bulls Minus Bears Spread Business Cycle Buy and Hold Buy California BUY Signal BUY Signals Buy-Write Buy/Sell Ratings Buy/Sell Signals Buying Power/Selling Pressure Buying the Dip Buyouts Calendar Effect Calendar-Based Cycles Cap Ratios Cap Weight Cap Weighted Capacity Utilization/Dollar Ratio Capex Capex Beneficiaries Capex/Depreciation Ratio Capital Flow Capital Gains Tax Capitalization Leadership Cycle Capituation Capitulation Cash Cash Acquisitions Cash Flow Cash Flow Per Share Cash Positions Casinos & Gaming CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite Index Chartered Financial Analyst Cheapest Sector Strategy China Chinese Citi Citi Economic Surprise Index Citi Inflation Surprise Index Clean Energy Clean Tech Closed-End Funds Coal Coincident Economic Indicators Commentary Commodities Commodity Commodity Index Commodity Prices Commodity Stocks Communication Services Communications Community Banks Compound Return Confidence Gap Congressional Budget Office Consensus Consumer Consumer Confidence Consumer Confidence - Present Situation Consumer Discretionary S&P 500 Consumer Expectations Consumer Sentiment Consumer Spending Consumer Stocks Continuous Commodity Index Contract Research Organizations Contrarian Convertible Offerings Copper/Gold Ratio Coppock Curve Core Core Portfolio Coronavirus Corporate Corporate Bond Yield Corporate Bonds Corporate Cost Inflation Corporate Credit Corporate Debt Corporate Profit Margins Corporate Profits Corporate Taxes Corrections Correlations Cost of Living Cost of Thriving COTI Countries Country Rotation Portfolio Covered Calls COVID CPI CPI Energy CPI Food CPI Housing CPI Medical CPI Recreation CPI Services CPI Shelter CPI Vehicle CPI/PPI Ratio CRB CRB Raw Industrials CRB Spot Metals Credit Credit Ratings Credit Risk Credit Spreads Crimestoppers Crude Crude Oil Cumulative Price Gains Cumulative Return Spread Cumulative Returns Cumulative Stock Market Performance Cumulative Total Return Cumulative Wealth Currencies Currency Currency Exposure Currency Risk Cycle Peak Cycles Cyclical Cyclical Bear Cyclical Bear Market Cyclical Bull Cyclical Bull Market Cyclical Conditions Cyclical Groups Cyclical Highs Cyclical Indicators Cyclical Leadership Cyclical Lows Cyclical Market Swings Cyclical Peak Cyclical Reversal Cyclical Stocks Cyclical Top Cyclical/Defensive Total Return Ratio Cyclicality Cyclicals DAX De-SPACs Debt Debt Ceiling Debt Financing Debt to Sales December Decennial Cycle Decennial Pattern Decoupling Deep Value Defensive Defensiveness Indicator Defensives Defined Contribution Plans Deflation Demand Demographics Derivatives Derivitive Income Funds Developed Diversified Banks Developed Markets Differentials Diffusion Index Discount Discounted Cash Flow Discounted Free Cash Flow Discretionary Discretionary Durables Disinflation Dispersions Distribution Phase Divergence Diversification Dividend Aristocrats Dividend Strategy Dividend Yield Dividends DJ Transports DJIA DJIA December Low DJTA Dollar Dollar Cycle Dollar Debasement Dollar Weakness Domestic Groups Domestic Market Donut Portfolio Dot-Com Dow Dow Bond Oscillator Dow Jones Corporate Bond Index Dow Jones Utilities Dow Theory Dow Transports Downside Downside Breadth Thrust Drawdown Dreams Dreams and Nightmares Dumb/Smart Money Relative Put/Call Ratio Duration EAFE Early Cyclicals Early Leadership Early Warning Index Earnings Earnings Breadth Earnings Estimates Earnings Growth Earnings Ratio Earnings Recession Earnings Revisions Earnings Surprise Earnings Yield Earnings-Release EBIT EBIT Growth EBIT Margin ECB Ecology Technology Economic Economic Conditions Economic Cycle Economic Excesses Economic Performance Index Economic Policies Economic Recovery Economic Surprise Index Economy EEM Efficient Frontier EGGs Election Election Cycle Election Cycles Elections Electronic Components Electronic Payment Systems EM EM Allocation Model EM Country Rotation Emerging Emerging Europe Emerging Market Allocation Model Emerging Market Bonds Emerging Market Stocks Emerging Markets Emerging Vs. Developed Markets Allocation Strategy Empirical Duration Employment Cost Index Employment Growth Energy Technology Enterprise Value/Sales Ratio EPS EPS Dilution EPS Estimate Revisions EPS Growth EPS Upcycle Equal Cap Equal Weight Equal Weighted Equal/Cap-Weighted Index Ratio Equities Equity Equity Duration Equity Funds Equity Issuance Equity Managers Equity Risk Premium Equity Seasonality Equity Shares Outstanding Factor Estimate Dispersion Estimated Downside Estimated P/E ETFs ETPs Euro Euro-zone Europe European Banks Eurozone Excess Liquidity Exchange Rates Exchange-Traded Products Expansion Expectations Expected Returns Expense Buckets Expense Levels Expensive Growth Giants Experiential Consumer Services Exports Extending the Cycle Analysis Extent Extremes FAANG Factor Factor Cyclicality Factor ETFs Factor Frontiers Factor Metrics Factor Performance Factor Returns Factor Rotation Factor Tilt Factor Tilt Strategy Factor-Tilt Factors FANG FANMAG FCI-G FDIC Fearless Forecasts Fed Fed Call Fed Funds Fed Model Fed Policy Fed Put Fed Valuation Model Federal Debt/Deficit Federal Outlays Federal Reserve Assets Federal Revenue Federal Spending Financial Financial Conditions Impulse on Growth Financial Exchanges & Data Finished Goods Fiscal Policy Fixed Income Fixed Income ETFs Flows Fog of Uncertainty FOMC Forecast Forecaster Forecasts Foreign Income Foreign Markets Foreign Reserves Foreign Stocks Forward Annualized Returns Forward earnings Forward Earnings Yield Forward EPS Forward Operating EPS Forward P/E Ratio Forward Returns Forward Total Returns Fountains of Youth Frontier FTSE Full Employment Fund Flow Fundamentals Funds of Funds FX GAAP EPS Gain-to-Pain Ratio GameStop Gasoline GDP GDP Growth GDP Growth Gap GDP Output Gap GDPNow Germany GICS Global Global Airlines Global Bear Market Global Bond Yields Global Bonds Global Currencies Global Electronic Payment Systems Global Groups Global Industries Global Markets Global Portfolio Global Small Caps Gold Gold Standard Government Transfer Payments Graham Model Great Recession Greece Green Wave Grizzly Gross Margin Group Models Group Report Group Reports Group Selection Scores Groups Growth Growth Factors Growth Indexes Growth Markets Growth Rates Growth Stocks Growth to Value Rotation Growth vs. Cyclical Growth vs. Quality Growth Vs. Value Growth/Value GRZZX GS Factors GS Scores Guidance H-Shares Health Care Cost Containment Health Care Technology Healthy Tigers Hedge Funds Hedged Bond Fund ETFs Hedged ETFs Held to Maturity HFT High Beta High Beta Index High Beta/Low Volatility Ratio High Beta/Low Volitility Index High Growth High Neutral Groups High Quality High Quality vs. Low Quality High Quality-High Yield High ROI High Yield High Yield Bonds High-Quality High/Low Index High/Low Logic High/Low Logic Index Higher Risk Signal Highs Hispanic Boom Histograms HLLI Holding Period Home Furnishings Home Price Index Home Prices Homefurnishing Homeland Security Hong Kong Household Survey Employment Households Hybrid Hynix Hyundai Ibbotson IBM Implied Duration In Focus Inauguration Index Rebalancing Indexes India Indonesia Industrial Capacity Industrial Machinery Industrial Metals Industrial Production Industry Groups Industry Rotation Strategy Inflation Inflation Cycle Inflation Peak Inflation-adjusted Inflation-adjusted “Real” Infrastructure Infrastructure Spending Initial Unemployment Claims Initial Uplegs Insider Block Sales Insiders Insurance Brokers Interactive Home Entertainment Interest Coverage Ratio Interest Expense Interest Rates Interest Sensitives Intermediate-Term Internal Indexes Internet Debacle Index Internet Insanity Index Internet Survivors? Interview Intrinsic Value Inventories Inversion Inverted Yield Curve Investment Factors Investment Grade Investor's Business Daily IPO Index IPOs ISM ISM Employment Index ISM Liquidity Index ISM Manufacturing ISM Manufacturing Composite ISM New Orders Index ISM Non-Manufacturing ISM Price Index ISM Services Composite ISM Services Index Issuer Risk January Japan Japan ADRs Jim Paulsen Job Market Job Market Indicators Jobs Plentiful/Jobs Hard to Get Joint 52-Week Highs Joint Spread JOLT Survey JOTM Junk Junk Bonds Junky Value KBW Bank Index Key Index Performance Kia Korea Labor Labor Cost Labor Market Large Blend Index Funds Large Cap Large Cap Growth Large Caps Large Caps Vs. Small Caps Late Cycle Behavior Late Cycle Market Late-Stage Leadership Themes LBOs Leadership Leadership Cycles Leadership Rotation Leadership Themes Leading Economic Indicators LEI LEI Signal Leisure Products Leisure/Travel Lending Leuthold 3000 Leverage Leverage Ratios Libor Liquidation Liquidity Liquidity Index Livermore LLH LMEX Long T-Bonds Long-term Debt Low Neutral Low P/E Low Quality Low Volatility Low Volatility Index Low-to-Low-to-High Low/Min Volatility Strategies M2 Growth M2 Money Supply Macro Factors Magnificent Seven Major Advances Major Decline Major Market Advance Major Market Decline Major Trend Major Trend Index Manufacturing Margin Margin Debt Margins Market Action Market Bottoms Market Cap Market Cap Concentration Market Cap Performance Market Cap Valuations Market Caps Market Conditions Market Cycles Market Decline Market History Market Internals Market Lows Market Reclassification Market Rotation Market Tops Market Value Market Weight Marshallian K Maturity Risk MBI Readings Mean-reverting Meb Faber GTAA Portfolio Media Median Median Mortgage Median P/E Median Rent Median Returns Median Stock Median Stock Valuations Median Valuation Median Valuations Mega Caps Meme Stocks Mergers/Acquisitions Mexico Microcaps Microsoft Mid Cap Mid Caps Mid-Term Elections Military Conflicts Mining Equipment MNC Modern Monetary Theory Modern Portfolio Theory Momentum Momentum ETFs Momentum Oscillators Momentum/Value Ratio Monetary Indicators Monetary Measures Monetary Policy Money Supply Ratios Money-Losing Companies Moody's Moving Balance Indicator MPT MSCI MSCI All Country World Index MSCI Developed Country MSCI EM Asia MSCI Emerging Market MSCI Emerging Markets MSCI Europe Index MSCI Ex-USA MSCI Japan MSCI USA MSCI USA Index MSCI World MSCI World Index MTI Municipal Bonds Municipals Munis Mutual Funds MZM Nanotechnology NASDAQ NASDAQ 100 NASDAQ High/Low Logic Index NASDAQ Issues NASDAQ Returns NASDAQ/NYSE Ratio NASDAQ/NYSE Volume Oscillator NASDAQ/NYSE Volume Ratio Near-Term Forward Spread Nebs Negative Divergence Net Advances Net Countertrend Reading Net Expense Ratio Net Income Net Income Growth Net Interest Margin Neutral New Era Nightmares Nikkei NIPA NIPA EBIT Margin Nominal GDP Non-Confirmations Non-Energy Commodities Non-Growth Markets Non-Normalized Non-Recessionary Bottoms Nonfarm Payroll Employment NOPE Index Normalized Normalized Earnings Normalized EPS Normalized P/E Normalized P/E Ratio NTFS NTM EPS NYSE NYSE Advance/Decline NYSE High/Low Logic Index NYSE High/Low Loic Index NYSE Moving Balance Indicator Oil Online Trading Operating Operating Earnings Operating EPS Operating Income Operating Margin Options Collar Oracle Orders OTC Outlook Outperformance Overbought Overbought/Oversold Indicators Oversold Oversold VLT Reading Overvaluation P/E P/E Multiples P/E Premium P/E Ratios P/E Sector Pain Index Parabolics Passive Payback ratio PE Peak EPS Peak Inflation Peak Operating EPS Peak P/E Peak P/E Ratio Peak Stimulus PEG PEG Ratio Pensions Performance Performance Cycle Personal Consumption Expenditures Personal Income Personal Interest Payments Philippines Phillips Curve Piotroski Polarization Political Portfolios POSCO Post-Bubble Power PPI PPI-CPI Inflation Spread Pre-Recessionary Prediction Premium Present Situation Index Presidential Election Cycle Price Change Price Gains Price Peak Price Performance Price Return Price Targets Price to Book Price to Sales Ratio Price Trends Price Volatility Price-to-Book Price-to-Peak EPS Price-to-Sales Price/Cash Flow Price/Peak Cash Flow Price/Peak Trailing EPS Price/Sales Prices Privatization Productivity Profit Margins Profitability Profitable Companies Profits Program Trading Pullbacks Put/Call Ratio Qatar QE QFII QT Quality Quality Cycle Quality Factors Quality Long Quality Value Quality Vs. Momentum Quant Quantitative Easing Quantitative Tightening Quick Takes R&D RAI Rally Rally Peak Rate Cut Rate Hike Rate-Sensitive Rates Rates-of-Change Ratio of Ratios Real Average Hourly Earnings Real Commodity Prices Real Estate Real Estate Management & Development Real GDP Real GDP Growth Real Interest Rates Real Yields Rearview Mirror Rebalancing Rebuilding Iraq Recession Recession Dashboard Recession Indicators Recession Probability Recession Risk Recessionary Bear Market Recessionary Declines Recessions Recovery Recreational Goods Red Flag Indicator Red Flags Reddit Reflation Reform Regional Exposures REIT Relative Relative P/E Relative Performance Relative Returns Relative Strength Relative Valuation Repo Market Reported EPS Resession Retail Retail Sales Retail Traders Retirement Return Return Cycle Return Drivers Return Forecast Return Spread Returns Revenue Reversal Reversals Reversion Reversion-to-Mean Revisions Reward/Risk Risk Risk Appetite Risk Aversion Risk Aversion Index Risk/Return Risk/Reward Robinhood ROE Rotation Royal Blue RQFII RSI Rule of Twenty Russell Russell 1000 Russell 2000 Russell Microcap Index Russell VLT Russia Rydex Ratio S&P S&P 1500 S&P 500 S&P 500 Advances S&P 500 Capitalization Weighted S&P 500 Composite S&P 500 Declines S&P 500 EPS S&P 500 Equal Weight S&P 500 Growth Index S&P 500 Index Futures S&P 500 Moving Average S&P 500 P/E S&P 500 Performance S&P 500 Price Action S&P 500 Valuations S&P 500 Value Index S&P 500 Weights S&P 600 S&P Industrials S&P Performance S&P Quality & Low Volatility S&P SmallCap 600 S&P/GS Commodity Index Sales Sales Growth Sales Per Share Sales Stability Sales/Earnings Samsung Santa Claus Rally Schrodinger's Style Box Screen Seasonal Seasonal Cycle Seasonal Cyclicality Seasonal Switching Strategy Seasonality Secondary Offerings Secondary Stocks Sector Allocation Strategy Sector Bear Market Sector Concentration Sector Rankings Sector Returns Sector Rotation Sector Selection Model Sector Valuations Sector Weight Sectors Secular Secular Bear Market Secular Bull Market Secular Low Securities Broker/Dealer Index Security Companies Select Industries Sell in May SELL Signal Sentiment Service Industry Service Sector Shale Share Buyback Share Growth Shareholder Reward Yield Shares Outstanding Shmita Short Interest Short Squeeze Shrinkflation Signal Signals Silicon Valley Bank Silver Single-Asset Allocation Strategy Single-Sector Annual Allocation Strategy Size Slack Small Cap Small Cap Effect Small Cap Groups Small Cap Value Small Caps Small Group Small/Micro Biotech Smart Beta Smart Money Smart/Dumb Money SMC SMIDs Social Security Social/Mobile/Cloud Solar South Africa South Korea SPACs Spain SPDR Special Purpose Acquisition Companies Speculation Speculative Cycle Speculative Growth Stocks Speculative Peak Speculative Valuation Spending Splits Spreads SPS SPY Liquidity Premium St. Louis Fed Adjusted Monetary Base Stability Stagflation Standard-Deviation States Steve Leuthold Stimulus Stock Duration Stock Market Stock Market Liquidity Stock Market Performance Stock Market Risk/Reward Stock Market Valuation Stock Options Stock Performance Stock Prices Stock Returns Stock/Bond Correlation Stock/Bond Relationship Stocks Strong Dollar Environment Style Box Style Cycles Style Factors Style Performance Style Reconstitution Style Rotation Style Spreads Style Swings Styles Summary Supply Supply Demand SVB Swiss franc T-Bonds Tactical Portfolio Management Taper Tapering Target Outcome Funds Tax Rates Tax Reform Taxes Tech Tech Big Ten Tech Bubble Tech Spending Tech Titans Tech Wreck Technical Technical Conditions Technicals Telecom Telecom Services Telecom Survivors? Tesla Thailand Thematic Tighten Time Cycle Time Cycles Timing Strategy TIPS Top Top-Line Topping Pattern Total Portfolio Yield Total Return Ratio Total Returns Trade Trade War Trailing EPS Trailing P/E Trailing Peak GAAP EPS Transports Trap Travel Treasuries Treasury Treasury Bonds Treasury Yield Curve Treasury-Yield Curve Treasurys Trend Followers Trump Turkey Twin Peaks U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar ETFs U.S. Exceptionalism Index UAE UK Unattractive undefined Underperformance Undervalued & Unloved Unemploment Unemployment Uninsured Deposits Unit Labor Cost United Kingdom Unlucky Sevens Unprofitable Companies Unregulated Power Producers Unused Labor Capacity Upside US Bonds USD Valuation Valuation Extremes Valuation Gap Valuation Measures Valuation Peak Valuation Ratios Valuation Spread Valuations Value Value Factors Value Line Arithmetic Average Value LIne Geometric Composite Value Signals Value Style Value/Growth Ratio Vanguard Windsor Fund Velocity Video Gaming Technology Vision Stocks VIX VLT VLT Momentm VLT Momentum VLT Signals Volatility Volume Vulnerability Index VWO Wages Water Purification Water Utilities Wealth Destruction Wealth Effect Weighting WFH Economy Wilshire 5000 WisdomTree World Bank Y2K Year-to-Date Returns Yen Yield Yield Curve Yield Curve Inversion Yield Spread Yield to Maturity Yield to Worst Yields Yogi Berra YTM Z-Scores Zero Bonds [[cdn=f24e309b-f830-432b-8cfa-414354ce5b9c/Image13-02.png&size=large]]