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Nov 06 2020

Remembering Trump

  • Nov 6, 2020

Donald Trump will be remembered as the most polarizing political figure in U.S. history, but he was an unwitting consensus-builder on an issue that was long thought to be “settled science.”

Oct 05 2019

The Last “Spoos” To Drop?

  • Oct 5, 2019

For many months, we’ve argued that global stocks have been tracing out a major cyclical top. But the global stock market “tape” has narrowed so much that it’s really only the U.S. blue chips that are left to do the tracing.

Sep 07 2019

More Extreme Than 1999?

  • Sep 7, 2019

We noted that the December 2018 stock market low was the second most expensive in history, second only to that of October 1998. Similarities between 2019 market action and the 1998-99 rebound remain eerie. Something isn’t right, and it’s not bullish.