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Aerospace & Defense

May 07 2014

Highlighted Groups

  • May 7, 2014

Information Technology has largest representation among Attractive groups;  only one Tech group rated Unattractive. Highlighted Attractive groups include Tech Distributors, Construction/Farm Machinery, Aerospace/Defense, and Pharmaceuticals.

Mar 07 2014

Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • Mar 7, 2014

A quick look at the Commodity Chemicals, Automotive Retail, Aerospace & Defense, and Computer & Office Hardware groups, all of which caught our eyes this month.


Sep 10 2013

Aerospace & Defense Purchased

  • Sep 10, 2013

With a wide range of market cap choices, an excellent technical profile, and less dependence on federal spending than you might think, this group has compelling stories of future profitability and growth.

Sep 10 2013

Select Industries: Adding Aerospace & Defense Group

  • Sep 10, 2013

Aerospace & Defense was added to the portfolio this month.

Aug 13 2013

Select Attractive Domestic Groups

  • Aug 13, 2013

Consumer Electronics, Broadcasting, Home Entertainment Software, and Aerospace & Defense.

Nov 03 2004

Attractive Small And Mid Cap Names In Aerospace?

  • Nov 3, 2004

An answer to some questions regarding the large cap focus of our early August 2004, Aerospace & Defense group purchase.

Apr 05 2000

New Select Industries Group Holding: Aerospace & Defense

  • Apr 5, 2000

We see insider buying, also some actual value here and an increase in defense spending.

Oct 05 1999

Equity Portfolio Deactivates Two Group Commitments

  • Oct 5, 1999

Defense Contractors and Health Care Management both experienced sharp contractions in their quantitative scores and fell into the neutral range.

May 05 1999

New Select Industries Group Holding: Sometimes the Simple Things...Buy the Defense Contractors

  • May 5, 1999

It may seem simplistic to be buying these stocks with the ongoing news from the Balkans, but sometimes the simplest concepts can be the most rewarding.

May 05 1995

Adding Defense Contractors to the “Paid to Play” Portfolio

  • May 5, 1995

With U.S. spending on defense now at an all-time low and no big potential wars on the horizon, why would we want to own these company stocks?

Sep 05 1993

Sector Notes

  • Sep 5, 1993

A new sector “Buy The Numbers” is being added to the equity model this month. It is a hybrid quantitative theme that has been in the development stage at The Leuthold Group for a number of months.

Feb 01 1991

“Defense-High Tech” Sector

  • Feb 1, 1991

This may be a tactical war play, but it could be more. Some of these stocks may once again be recognized as growth stocks, even if we see a speedy resolution of the Mideast conflict.

May 01 1990

Contrary Opinion Corner: High Tech Defense Stocks

  • May 1, 1990

The stocks are cheap because they are currently very unpopular. Peace has, at least momentarily, pretty much swept the world. Unfortunately I doubt this will last. Human nature has really not improved much over the ages.