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Feb 06 2015

A Look At The Impact Of Lower Energy Prices On Countries

  • Feb 6, 2015

A big question for investors is: have oil prices bottomed? For the past four days, WTI jumped 19% from its low reached on January 28th, giving some the conviction that prices are reverting back to prior high levels.

Mar 07 2014

Sustainable Dividend Growers Turn From Europe To Asia

  • Mar 7, 2014

We dusted off our research from 2011 on dividend growers. Somewhat to our surprise, we found fewer qualifiers this time, and a shift from Europe to Asia.

Oct 05 2010

Thoughts On Asia Investing: Performance & Valuation of Consumer Stocks

  • Oct 5, 2010

A look at Asian valuations show China to be fairly valued (neither overvalued nor undervalued), but there are other attractive (cheap) ways to play consumer stocks in Asia.


Jun 03 2009

Bulls In The China Shop… How and Why We Are Increasing Exposure To Asia

  • Jun 3, 2009

In mid May, 4% of assets were shifted from U.S. stocks to Emerging Market holdings, buying a package of individual Asian stocks. This same package is being used to boost exposure to 70% in early June.


Mar 02 1999

New Select Industries Group Holding: Asia Exposure...The Worst May Be Over

  • Mar 2, 1999

This group has quickly moved up the ranks of our SS Score work to become the second highest scoring sector.

Sep 08 1998

Bargain Basement Investing...Asia and Emerging Markets

  • Sep 8, 1998

Most investors, including professionals, find it emotionally dif­ficult to act independently and contrarian. It is emotionally comforting to be in tune with the consensus....after all, going with the consensus won’t get you fired.

Aug 05 1998

Asian Emerging Markets...Adding To Unconventional Portfolio Holdings

  • Aug 5, 1998

This month, we plan to add the First Philippines Fund to our Unconventional Portfolio.

Aug 05 1998

View From the North Country

  • Aug 5, 1998

Will the Asian Recession go global? “Gridlock is good", per a Jim Bianco study. Lottery mania, its history in the U.S., and potential effects on society. Also, the past suppression of women’s humor and “Northworst Airlines”.

Jun 03 1998

Major Stock Market Positives and Negatives

  • Jun 3, 1998

  A review of the significant stock market positives and negatives as I currently see them.

Jun 03 1998

Asian Emerging Markets—Buying the Weakness

  • Jun 3, 1998

An update on our Asia Pacific Market Opportunity Index.

May 05 1998

Asian Emerging Markets...Adding To Our Portfolio

  • May 5, 1998

Looking for a potential double? Take a look at our Asia Pacific market opportunity index. High risk markets, but still down big (adding in May). Risk is tempered by the beating these markets have taken.

Apr 06 1998

Asian Emerging Markets

  • Apr 6, 1998

The Leuthold Group made no purchases in Asian emerging markets in March. Further purchases will be made on significant weakness, but in February and March the “gloom and doom” stories subsided.

Mar 05 1998

Asian Emerging Markets...Swinging For a Double

  • Mar 5, 1998

Looking for a potential Double? Take a look at our Asia Pacific market opportunity index. High risk markets but risk is tempered by the beating these market have taken.

Feb 04 1998

Bottom Fishing In Asia

  • Feb 4, 1998

Back in November 1997, the bottom fishing expedition began in the devastated Asian markets.

Dec 02 1997

Emerging Markets: Bottom Fishing

  • Dec 2, 1997

Emerging market opportunities? Established first bottom fishing investments in Korea and Malaysia in November.

Nov 05 1997

Catch the Falling Knives

  • Nov 5, 1997

Further global emerging market turmoil could provide tactical opportunity to accumulate positions at bargain basement levels via closed end country funds. Now at discounts to NAV.