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Defined Contribution Plans

Dec 03 2003

This Isn't Good...

  • Dec 3, 2003

A recent study conducted by Hewitt & Associates found that 42% of 401(k) plan participants cashed out rather than roll their assets into an IRA or into their new employers’ defined contribution plans.

Apr 05 2003

Declining Defined Contribution Participation

  • Apr 5, 2003

A recently released survey of over 500 large and mid size employers found that the employee participation rate in 401(k) plans dropped to a level not seen since the early 1990s.

Dec 05 2001

View From The North Country

  • Dec 5, 2001

Why deflation and depression are not synonymous, undemocratic suggestions for 401(k) plans and the NBA Name Game: Does Basketball’s sponsorship fare better than baseball or football?

Aug 04 1999

View From The North Country

  • Aug 4, 1999

The trauma of losing Big. Large Investment losses can have a dramatic psychological impact on some individuals. Defined contributions plans…A stock market time bomb?

Aug 04 1999

It's August...Stay In Touch

  • Aug 4, 1999

What happened to the markets in July?..…No obvious major factor for decline. The daily stock market chart of July 1999 is close to a carbon copy of July 1998. Will history repeat itself in August? Let’s hope not.

Jul 05 1999

Active Managers Beat Index Funds!

  • Jul 5, 1999

Just as many plan sponsors throw in the towel, active managers pull a great quarter out of their collective hat. What's in store for the second half of 1999?

Mar 02 1999

View From The North Country

  • Mar 2, 1999

Contrary to Wall Street wisdom, rising MZM is not necessarily indicative of Fed easing. Nor does contracting MZM mean a tightening Fed. Also, unlocking the mystery of the low U.S. savings rate.

Dec 05 1995

View from the North Country

  • Dec 5, 1995

Public, NOT professional sentiment may be all that really matters in today's stock market environment. The dark side of 401(k)s...Can unsophisticated investors really be expected to prudently allocate assets, maintain funding disciplines, and resist the temptation to borrow against their plans?

Sep 05 1994

View From the North Country

  • Sep 5, 1994

Cash isn't trash, not in 1993 and not today. The real value of cash is its opportunity value, not its yield. Are you an AARP member? "Seeds of Generational Warfare” points out many of the reasons for the growing demographic conflict, young versus old.

Dec 05 1993

View from the North Country

  • Dec 5, 1993

What About China?...The 7% Solution...Plan Sponsor's Future Investment Earnings Assumptions Are Too High...Some Facts About Gold

Sep 05 1993

View from the North Country

  • Sep 5, 1993

Doctor Leuthold At Your Service...Bad News For The PBGC (And Taxpayers)...Inflation And Regulation...Insensitivity Prevails

Jun 04 1990

View from the North Country

  • Jun 4, 1990

"Gorby" Visits The Leuthold Group...Graying Of America And The Pension And Related Services Business...Client Feedback On Japan...California Real Estate Update