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Group Models

Nov 07 2013

Group Models: Finding Opportunity In Controversy

  • Nov 7, 2013

We like Attractive groups that make us cringe at the thought of potentially purchasing them. We take a peek at three groups - Airlines, Education and Managed Care - where we plugged our nose and bought.

Sep 10 2013

Group Models: Info Tech Tops Domestic, Financials Tops Global

  • Sep 10, 2013

Both models (particularly domestic) have a number of Attractive rated Information Technology groups and no Unattractive rated Tech groups. Financials’ domination of the Global Attractive range continues.

Aug 06 2013

Group Models Agree On Energy & Materials

  • Aug 6, 2013

But Information Technology rises to the top of the Domestic model, while the trend of Financials domination in the Global model remains intact.

Jul 12 2013

Domestic and Global Group Models: Strong Agreement On Financials

  • Jul 12, 2013

Our Domestic Scores have five Financials groups rating Attractive; these same five industry groups are Attractive in our Global model. In total, seven Financials groups rank Attractive in the Global model, with insurance groups looking particularly Attractive.

Dec 05 1983

The Equity Model Portfolio

  • Dec 5, 1983

This appears regularly in a companion publication, but it has been a long time since we have explained how and why we do this exercise. It may be the most precise and carefully maintained model found in an institutional portfolio strategy publication. Models are not the same as actual portfolio management, but this comes close. All current holdings are detailed, classified by our current conceptual structure.