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In Focus

Jun 01 2009

Exploiting Generational Anomalies In Stock vs. Bond Returns

  • Jun 1, 2009

There are two important conclusions about the historical relationship of stock vs. bond returns:

  1. The current stocks vs. bonds performance differential, over both very short and very long time periods, is at or near historical extremes in every timeframe we examined. This suggests that we are at the threshold of a major (but temporary) market anomaly.
  2. Historically, periods when bonds have outperformed stocks over very long timeframes have proven to be very opportune times to shift out of fixed income assets and into equities.
Feb 05 2008

Initiating Coverage Of Nuclear Power Thematic Group

  • Feb 5, 2008

“Of Special Interest” highlights an upcoming study which will introduce our new Nuclear Power thematic group. The study will present both Domestic and Global alternatives for playing this theme.