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Internet Retail

Jul 08 2020

Retail’s Winners And Losers Of The Pandemic

  • Jul 8, 2020

Following the market bottom, the rebound across retail industries has been robust, but a divide has emerged. Consumers’ needs and behaviors have dramatically shifted as former lifestyles were uprooted. This swift change in economics has resulted in clearly-defined sets of winners and losers among retail industries.

Aug 06 2019

Internet Retail: Beyond Amazon

  • Aug 6, 2019

Amazon has become synonymous with the Internet Retail industry, however, this group is comprised of a diverse mix of companies ranging across the market spectrum, and strength is being exhibited throughout the group.

Jun 08 2018

Water Utilities Sink

  • Jun 8, 2018

Internet Retail and Department Stores are this week's best groups. Electric Utilities and Water Utilities are this week's worst groups.

Jan 26 2018

Airlines Crash

  • Jan 26, 2018

Internet Retail and Reinsurance are this week's best groups. Semiconductors and Airlines are this week's worst groups.

Jan 12 2018

Gas Utilities Stink

  • Jan 12, 2018

Internet Retail and Department Stores are this week's best groups. Real State Investment Trusts and Gas Utilities are this week's worst groups.

Sep 18 2015

Internet Retail Leads This Week

  • Sep 18, 2015

Internet Retail & Precious Metals were this week’s best groups and Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing was this week's worst group.

May 16 2014

Internet Retail Claws Some Back

  • May 16, 2014

Internet Retail and Biotech lead the latest week while Home Entertainment Software and Live and Health Insurance lagged.

Mar 05 2002

Fad Groups

  • Mar 5, 2002

Looking at performance swings of Nanotechnology, Internet Software & Services, and Internet Reatil.

Jan 04 2002

Fad Groups

  • Jan 4, 2002

Some groups tend to move in and out of favor in a hurry. We review the dramatic performance swings of our recently created Security Companies and BioDefense groups along with Energy Technology.

May 05 2001

Internet Debacle Index

  • May 5, 2001

If we get another performance month like April, we may again have to re-christen this as The Internet Opportunity Index.

Apr 03 2001

Internet Debacle Index

  • Apr 3, 2001

Last month, we changed the name of this group. After a bounce in January, the “Internet Debacle Index” continued its freefall.

Mar 05 2001

Internet Debacle Index

  • Mar 5, 2001

At the market peak, this index (previously dubbed “Internet Insanity Index”), had 75 stocks with a market cap of $1.26 trillion. Currently, there are only 60 stocks, with a combined market cap of just $290 billion (down $970 billion)!

Feb 05 2001

Internet Insanity Index

  • Feb 5, 2001

The Internet Insanity Index had a big bounce in January. These stocks were severely beaten down and a bounce was expected.

Jan 04 2001

Internet Insanity Index

  • Jan 4, 2001

The Internet Insanity Index continued to lose ground in December, However, the 4.6% loss was not nearly as devastating as the 36% loss recorded in November.

Apr 05 2000

View From The North Country

  • Apr 5, 2000

Individuals are sincere about investing appropriately, but get virtually no advise about risk. Also, putting the speed and volatility of the internet revolution in perspective.

Jan 07 2000

Internet Insanity Index: Performance Dichotomy

  • Jan 7, 2000

The Leuthold Internet Insanity Index gained over 11% during the month of December, and reached a new all-time high on December 13.

Dec 05 1999

Internet Insanity Index: Breaking Out

  • Dec 5, 1999

The Leuthold Internet Insanity Index gained nearly 23% during the month of November and, for a short time, broke above the prior high reached in April of this year.

Nov 04 1999

View From The North Country

  • Nov 4, 1999

The Internet threatens retail profitability by creating severe pricing pressure. For consumers the Internet has obvious benefits, but the downside is less obvious.

Nov 04 1999

Internet Insanity Index: Short Sellers Heaven (Or Hell?)

  • Nov 4, 1999

The 66 components of the Leuthold Internet Insanity Index gained an average of 6.4% during the month of October, to bring the gain on this index to +84% year to date.

Oct 05 1999

Internet Insanity Index

  • Oct 5, 1999

Most Internet companies enjoyed a surprisingly steady rise in share prices during the volatile month of September.

Sep 05 1999

Internet Insanity Index

  • Sep 5, 1999

August was a volatile month for most of the “dotcom” companies.

Aug 04 1999

Internet Insanity Update

  • Aug 4, 1999

Significant merger and acquisition activity in the past month has done little to bring buyers back into the sector.

Mar 02 1999

Dissecting the Internet Play

  • Mar 2, 1999

Internet classification too broad and confusing. Tracking performance of the Internet necessitates breakout into three, distinct sectors: Technology…Internet Services, Consumer…E-Tail and Technology…Inter/Networking.

Jan 04 1999

Internet Insanity Index

  • Jan 4, 1999

This Internet Insanity Index quantifies the mania which has swept up the Internet stocks over the past two years. It is constructed of first and second tier Internet components—technology companies that have been integral to the evolution of the Internet and retail companies which have gone through the roof by the mere mention of selling their wares over the Internet.