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Natural Gas

Apr 08 2014

Select Industries Purchases Commodity Chemicals

  • Apr 8, 2014

Well-rounded factor strength, coupled with an intriguing fundamental backdrop, lead us to our first Materials group holding in a year.

Jul 05 2011

Profiting From The Boom In Domestic Natural Gas Production

  • Jul 5, 2011

Looking to profit from the boom in domestic natural gas production? Dave Kurzman examines the opportunities and potential pitfalls in Shale gas, and finds some viable investment opportunities, but urges caution.


Jun 04 2000

New Select Industries Group Holding: Buying Natural Gas

  • Jun 4, 2000

Activating “Natural Gas Play” thematic group, which was upgraded to attractive this month. Charley Maxwell says it’s not too late.

Nov 05 1996

Energy…Natural Gas: Increasing Portfolio Holdings

  • Nov 5, 1996

Boosting commitments in Natural Gas by 3%. Sector has ranked in the Most Attractive category for seven straight months.

Oct 05 1991

View from the North Country

  • Oct 5, 1991

Polling The Pro's...Leuthold Group Client Survey Results...We Are Spenders Not Savers...U.S. Savings Rate Still Trending Lower Even In The Face Of Uncertain Economic Times..."Clean Energy" Sector Update

Aug 05 1991

View from the North Country

  • Aug 5, 1991

Natural Gas…now may be the time to start taking a contrary approach. Also, improving the delivery of government services as an alternative to increasing taxes (Arthur Laffer idea).

Jul 05 1991

About To Take Gas?

  • Jul 5, 1991

We did it. We took an initial 6% position in our “Clean Energy” (natural gas) sector this month, a move that has been under consideration for some time. The Leuthold Group has yet to be bagged by the natural gas bubble, so here is our chance.

Jul 01 1990

View from the North Country

  • Jul 1, 1990

Innocents Abroad--Comments On Recent European Trip...Here Come The Trains--High Speed Train Travel...Natural Gas Into Gasoline?