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Put/Call Ratio

Dec 07 2022

Don’t Trust The Thrust…

  • Dec 7, 2022

Jay Powell’s speech on November 30th triggered a 1,000-point intraday reversal on the DJIA and left us wondering who might have slipped the Chairman a recent copy of the Green Book.

Jul 08 2022

Watching The “Smart Money”

  • Jul 8, 2022

Of the prevailing bullish arguments, the one that strikes us as the weakest is that there’s “too much pessimism.” Much like in 2000, some pundits disingenuously made that claim before the market rolled over. But at this point, with the market now down big and economic numbers suddenly wobbly, the last thing any bull should want is too much pessimism.

Aug 06 2020

Sentimental Musings

  • Aug 6, 2020

We get irked when TV pundits misrepresent the mood of equity investors as unduly pessimistic based one or two (or zero) data points. Among the dozens of “Attitudinal” indicators we track, an overwhelming majority show professional and retail investors have jumped back into the fray.

Apr 06 2018

“What, Me Worry?”

  • Apr 6, 2018

Our shortest-term put/call measure has yet to reflect the level of fear usually triggered by a correction of this size. Meanwhile, the market setback has done almost nothing to stymy the optimism of either market newsletter writers or mutual fund timers.

Oct 06 2017

Thoughts On Sentiment

  • Oct 6, 2017

The MTI’s Attitudinal category has held stable over the last several months, an impressive (and contrarily bullish) feat considering the steady onslaught of new bull market highs.

Aug 07 2014

Score One For The “Smart Money”

  • Aug 7, 2014

We try to avoid the popular practice of “cherry picking” a few indicators to fit our stock market forecast, a reason we evaluate more than 130 measures in calculating the Major Trend Index. But last month we couldn’t resist highlighting the exciting face-off between the professionals and the public.

Jul 08 2014

The Public And The Professionals Square Off

  • Jul 8, 2014

Two short-term, options-based sentiment measures have just swung to levels consistent with near-term difficulty for stocks. Current reading is the most bearish combination of smart-money caution and dumb-money confidence in 10 years.

Mar 05 2007

Sector Strategy: Put Your Money Where The “Puts” Are

  • Mar 5, 2007

Quantitatively, we have found that option trading volumes provide good, contrarian information on investor sentiment toward market groups.

Nov 05 2006

Sentiment Still Supportive

  • Nov 5, 2006

Sentiment measures still show pessimism among investors. Doug Ramsey looks at the current sentiment gauges for the market and also examines the current sentiment readings for 24 broad industries groups.