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Nov 24 2017

Reinsurance Encounters Disaster

  • Nov 24, 2017

Communications Equipment and Publishing were this week's best groups. Mulit-Utilities and Reinsurance were this week's worst groups.

Sep 15 2017

Reinsurance Bounces Back This Week

  • Sep 15, 2017

Regional Banks and Reinsurance are this week's best groups. Cable & Satellite and Research & Consulting Services are this week's worst groups. 

Sep 08 2017

Reinsurance Takes A Loss This Week

  • Sep 8, 2017

Homefurnishing Retail and Oil & Gas Drilling were this week's best groups. Regional Banks and Reinsurance were this week's worst groups.

Mar 07 2017

Financials Remain Atop Sector Rankings

  • Mar 7, 2017

Our Financials Sector Ranking has been strengthening since August—well before the Trump Bump. The addition of Regional Banks to our SI Portfolio boosts our Financials exposure to an overweight 26% versus the S&P 500’s 15% weight. Reinsurance and Developed Diversified Banks are also among the Attractively-rated options for diversification within the sector.

Oct 14 2016

Reinsurance Leads This Week

  • Oct 14, 2016

Real Estate Investment Trusts and Reinsurance were this week's best groups.  Communication Equipment and Life Sciences Tools & Services were this week's worst groups.

Apr 07 2016

Insurance Theme Intact Among Top GS Scores

  • Apr 7, 2016

Group Selection (GS) Score strength among insurance-related industry groups has been a long-running theme within our quantitative framework.

Dec 08 2015

Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • Dec 8, 2015

A snapshot of Automotive Parts & Equipment, Large Cap Biotechnology, and Reinsurance.

May 08 2015

Purchased Reinsurance: GS Score Skyrockets

  • May 8, 2015

Reinsurance has rated Attractive for a little over one year, but the latest round of GS Scores sent this group’s score skyrocketing, and it now ranks fourth highest among all 115 industry groups. Select Industries Portfolio overall insurance industry group exposure now 8.1%.

Feb 06 2014

Long Only Portfolios Down For The Month But Beat Benchmarks

  • Feb 6, 2014

Select Industries had no group deactivations, trimmed Consumer Finance and purchased Systems Software, further boosting our Tech holdings. Global Industries had no group deactivations, trimmed our Reinsurance and boosted exposure to Health Care, Industrials, and Info Tech groups.

Dec 06 2013

Broad Themes Found In Auto & Insurance Industries

  • Dec 6, 2013

We like when we can find groups inside of broad themes, and these two industries are amongst the strongest in our work right now.

Nov 05 2006

New Select Industries Group Position: Reinsurance

  • Nov 5, 2006

Many stocks had outperformed in October and were retained in the Select Industries Portfolio, but there were enough sales to build new holding in Reinsurance.