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Nov 07 2013

Supply/Demand Dynamics Drive Three Emerging Market Energy Themes

  • Nov 7, 2013

We find hidden opportunities in Equipment & Services Providers, Coal and Natural Gas. We consider these themes longer term holdings instead of short-term plays

Jul 03 2002

View From The North Country

  • Jul 3, 2002

Corporate Crime Wave—Not a new era, but exaggerated by  length of recent bull market….Why and how some real reform must become reality. Also, why the Federal Deficit is likely to exceed $200 billion.

May 05 2002

View From The North Country

  • May 5, 2002

With only a slight hesitation, consumer spending continued to increase month after month during the 2001 recession, ignoring the layoffs and the slide in the consumer confidence measures.

Apr 03 2002

View From The North Country

  • Apr 3, 2002

New feature focusing on Steve’s opinions that lie out of consensus view.