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Secondary Stocks

Mar 01 1991

Secondary Stock Surge Continues: A Look at the “Secondary Swinger” Issues

  • Mar 1, 1991

Jim Floyd has cranked up another interesting index for us to center attention on “where the action is” in the secondary arena. The study provides a good picture of the wide part of the ultimate narrow door - a group of secondary issues dominating current trading activity.

Feb 01 1991

Secondary Stocks: Is It For Real?

  • Feb 1, 1991

Once again secondary stocks have started out the New Year with a burst of strength. Is it for real this time? Or is it just another January false start for secondary stocks?

Dec 01 1990

Secondary Stocks/Big Cap Stocks

  • Dec 1, 1990

Secondary stock measures were up 7%-9% in November compared to 5%-6% for the capitalization weighted measures. All we can say is, it’s about time!

Nov 01 1990

Should You Ever Buy Secondary Stocks Again?

  • Nov 1, 1990

The two most common questions we hear from equity only managers are: “When (if ever) should we start buying secondary stocks?” and “When do you expect a market leadership shift to the cyclicals?”

Oct 01 1990

Secondary Stocks/Big Cap Stocks

  • Oct 1, 1990

Secondary stocks were down a big 9%-10% in September compared to 5%-6% declines for the capitalization weighted measures. Year to date, secondary stocks are down twice as much as the cap weighted measures.

Feb 01 1989

Secondary Stocks and Secondary Stock Measures

  • Feb 1, 1989

For years we have been searching for better measures of secondary stock activity. When the new Russell 1000, 2000 and 3000 indices were developed we thought our search was over. Despite some criticism of the Russell indices, we still think this index gives the best representation of secondary stock action.

Jun 01 1988

“Is the Move in Secondary Stocks Over?”

  • Jun 1, 1988

No, the move in secondary stocks is not over. However, it is unlikely that the 1988 to date margin of small stock performance superiority will be sustained.

Apr 01 1988

The Shift to Secondary Stocks

  • Apr 1, 1988

March was another strong relative month for secondary stocks. We are now operating under the assumption that a significant shift in market character has occurred.

Mar 01 1988

The Shift to Secondary Stocks: Is It For Real?

  • Mar 1, 1988

February was a darn good month for secondary stocks. Most of our measures of secondary stock relative momentum broke their 3-4 year downtrends. We are now operating under the assumption that a significant shift in market character has occurred.

Jan 07 1988

When Should You Buy Secondary Stocks?.....Continued

  • Jan 7, 1988

The Leuthold Group's special research study on this subject was sent to clients last month.

Dec 01 1987

Should You Swear Off Secondary Stocks?

  • Dec 1, 1987

Some of our clients are taking a pledge to never again buy secondary stocks, especially OTC issues. We urge you not to take this same pledge. Since mid-1983 secondary stocks have lagged badly, but this is not typical.

Aug 01 1987

Tracking the Big Cap and Secondary Stock Relationship...Some New Analytical Tools

  • Aug 1, 1987

Historically, small cap stocks have outperformed big cap stocks in about two out of three years. But this has not been the case since mid-1983. What is going on? Has the investment world changed? Will small stocks ever again lead the parade?

Oct 03 1986

Inside the Stock Market

  • Oct 3, 1986

The Major Trend Index improved somewhat in September but remains in negative territory. The strong September down move was no surprise, it appears that a major cyclical market top is in progress. Portfolio “Insurance” played a significant role in the September decline and it could play the reverse roll in a future market rally.

May 04 1986

Client Questions

  • May 4, 1986

Here again are some of the client queries we have had over the last month.

Mar 05 1986

Client Questions

  • Mar 5, 1986

Let’s get some recent client questions out of the way, questions I suspect other readers might also have.