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Secular Bear Market

Nov 05 2022

Thoughts On The Secular Outlook

  • Nov 5, 2022

Some have speculated that 2022 might have been the kick-off for a decade-long era in which the broad stock market indexes will make essentially no progress, like 1966-1982. However, that earlier experience provided opportunities within other market segments, which will also stand a much better chance in coming years. 

Jul 03 2002

No Capitulation Yet

  • Jul 3, 2002

The stock market's decline has been relentless and now even Small Caps have joined the retreat. But, while mutual fund investors have been skittish, they have not panicked up to now. Also, is this a Secular Bear Market?

Jul 05 1992

When Do We Get the “Big One”?

  • Jul 5, 1992

A client asked if I thought the market might be about ready for another one of those super bear markets. Well, predicting bear markets is somewhat akin to predicting earthquakes. And, like the “big one” in California, we are very sure it will happen sometime, but nobody really knows when.

Jun 05 1992

Does It Make Sense to Defense?

  • Jun 5, 1992

I know it may be difficult for readers to envision much of a market decline in the current environment. However, keep in mind that all bear markets are not “cyclical”. That is, some past bear markets were not related to the business cycle.