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Mar 04 2021

Newfound Popularity Of Thematic ETFs

  • Mar 4, 2021

We’ve noticed a small segment of equity ETFs, designated as “thematic,” that is increasingly gaining popularity. Thematic ETFs invest in baskets of stocks that share narrowly-defined business enterprises outside of the standardized GICS methodology.

Feb 06 2018

Leuthold Thematic Baskets 2.0

  • Feb 6, 2018

After a hiatus of several years, we are re-introducing one of our favorite analytical tools. A thematic basket is a custom-designed set of assets which are exposed to, and will react similarly to, a common theme. Our first new thematic basket is “Capital Spending Beneficiaries.”

Feb 06 2018

Capital Spending Beneficiaries

  • Feb 6, 2018

Several key drivers of capital expenditures look particularly favorable right now, and this research note focuses on the potential for improving business conditions to produce an upswing in capex.

Feb 07 1986

The Metamorphosis

  • Feb 7, 1986

Many have now come to recognize the monumental cash flow metamorphosis taking place with many utilities. For well over a decade the utility industry had been chronically short of capital, a condition requiring massive new debt financing and equity financing (often well under existing book values). Today many utilities have become impressive net cash generators, throwing off cash far in excess of projected capital investment requirements.

Jan 07 1986

Time To Look At Shelter Stocks?

  • Jan 7, 1986

Several months ago Pulte Homes was added to our model as a "special situation" anticipating the possibility of a future broader move into the shelter area.

Jan 07 1986

Gilt Edged Growth Time? We Think So

  • Jan 7, 1986

For several months now this publication has been waffling on this question.

Dec 03 1985

Update: South African Hit List Index

  • Dec 3, 1985

This is an index developed in the summer of 1985 made up of U.S. stocks potentially most subject to South African divestiture selling pressure. It includes companies given bad Sullivan ratings and those who have not become signatories. A.D. Little released new Sullivan ratings Nov. 1 and there have been a number of changes.

Oct 03 1985

October 1985 Screens

  • Oct 3, 1985

Jim Floyd has just completed a quarterly update on five stock selection screens. Some clients find this to be the most valuable work in our publications.

Sep 03 1985

An Index of Primary South African Divestiture Candidates

  • Sep 3, 1985

New Jersey’s recent legislation requiring state pension fund divestiture of South African connected stocks may be a landmark. We have compiled a list of 73 stocks that may well be the primary targets for additional divestiture selling by other funds, our Divestiture Hit List.

Jul 01 1985

Conceptual Screens July 1985

  • Jul 1, 1985

Jim Floyd has just completed a quarterly update on four stock selection screens. Some clients find this to be the most valuable work in our publications. Herein, you will find the new additions and deletions for our Undervalued & Unloved, Consumer High Growth, Growth Bargain Basket and Bank Double Plays.

Apr 01 1985

Conceptual Screens, April 1985

  • Apr 1, 1985

Jim Floyd has just finished his quarterly update of four of our conceptual screens. Herein we present the stocks that have been added and deleted in “Undervalued & Unloved,” “Growth Bargain Basket,” “Bank Double Plays,” and “Consumer High Growth.” Descriptions and other statistical comparisons are included.

Aug 11 1983

“Let’s Get Competitive”: A Conceptual Investment Theme

  • Aug 11, 1983

Capital spending to improve manufacturing and industrial productivity may be much higher than anticipated over the next three years. Management confidence is growing, and attitudes are changing: “Yes, we can compete with our overseas rivals.” Here are the stocks and industries that should be the major beneficiaries of this projected development.

Jun 06 1983

What’s New with Investment Concepts?

  • Jun 6, 1983

This update on our research presents three areas of potential interest and also explains why we don’t put much (if any) stock in the fast, coming into vogue “demographic plays.”