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Undervalued & Unloved

Jun 05 2006

New Select Industries Group Positions - Undervalued & Unloved and Industrial Gases

  • Jun 5, 2006

Group deactivations allowed for purchase of two new equity groups: Undervalued & Unloved and Industrial Gases.

Jun 05 2006

Undervalued & Unloved

  • Jun 5, 2006

Value investing, and this U&U quant screen discipline in particular, has proven to be a superior investment strategy over the long term. It is not superior to growth stocks nor the broad market every year, but it has lower downside risk in bad markets and solid strength in up markets.

Mar 03 2004

Developing An Affinity For “Undervalued & Unloved” - New Select Industries Holding

  • Mar 3, 2004

This value-oriented quantitative group has been rated Attractive for three consecutive months. Value, Technical, Judgmental and Insiders categories all contributing to current GS Score strength.

Dec 05 2000

Undervalued & Unloved Investing

  • Dec 5, 2000

Even with dry spells, the long term performance record of this screen has been excellent, outperforming the S&P 500 by 1195% since 1975.

Jul 04 2000

New Select Industries Group Holding: Undervalued & Unloved

  • Jul 4, 2000

One of Jim Floyd’s quantitative screens seeking under owned, overlooked, and out of favor stocks which have potential to be rediscovered. 

Aug 05 1991

Adding To “Undervalued & Unloved” Stocks

  • Aug 5, 1991

This month we added three new stocks from Jim Floyd’s “Undervalued & Unloved” screening work, boosting our current commitment to value stocks to 16% of portfolio assets. We now believe Value's downtrend has reversed and this view seems to be confirmed by the relative strength line.

Apr 01 1990

Don’t Dump Value Investing Now!

  • Apr 1, 1990

The November 1985 issue of this publication featured a piece “Really Understanding Undervalued Investing”. In recent months, some readers have asked for reprints of this piece - this 1985 projection is now reality.

May 01 1987

View from the North Country

  • May 1, 1987

Thoughts from the airplane…Two pictures of gold…Is finding values in this market “Mission Impossible?”

Apr 01 1987

The Return of the “Undervalued and Unloved”

  • Apr 1, 1987

In this issue, our equity portfolio is moving back toward value. Herein we explain why and present the detailed screening results from our most recent set of undervalued screens.

Nov 03 1985

Really Understanding “Undervalued” Investing

  • Nov 3, 1985

Are you a value investor? Or are you a sub-value investor? “In Focus” this month deals with the different approaches to being an “undervalued investor” - both past and present. Today’s risks and rewards of being an undervalued investor are explored.

Oct 04 1984

View from the North Country

  • Oct 4, 1984

How High the Moon? How much longer can the strength in the dollar continue?.....Change in Outlook For “Value Stocks? Not really. Several months ago, this publication expressed concern over the growing popularity of “value” investing, reducing portfolio emphasis. Then in this issue we added three new “value” stocks to the portfolio. What’s going on?

Jul 04 1984

Results of the June 14, 1984 Screen Tests

  • Jul 4, 1984

Jim Floyd has run new computer screens for the Consumer High Growth sector, Regional Bank Double Plays, The Undervalued & Unloved issues and the Growth Stock Bargain Basket.

Apr 01 1984

Updated Screens: High Growth, “Cheap” Growth and…..“Undervalued”

  • Apr 1, 1984

We have just updated three of our quantitatively screened sectors, “Consumer High Growth Stocks,” “The Growth Bargain Basket” and the “Undervalued & Unloved.” A great number of new stocks have qualified. This section describes the screens, presents the past performance and lists the additions and deletions for each.

Oct 06 1982

Screening the Screens

  • Oct 6, 1982

Once a quarter, sometimes more, a variety of stock selection screens are run. Some of these screens are important factors in the current equity portfolio structure. Here are some highlights from three of these screens.