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Feb 07 2014

Secular Bull Or Bear?

  • Feb 7, 2014

Is a new secular bull market underway? New highs in essentially all U.S. undermine the argument from the shrinking pool of secular bears. But new converts to the bull thesis should be concerned about the valuation levels already reached.

Dec 06 2013

A Quick Technical Take

  • Dec 6, 2013

If a bear market is imminent, it will unfold with less “internal” forewarning than any cyclical decline since the late 1930s.

Oct 05 2005

View From The North Country

  • Oct 5, 2005

Steve Leuthold lays out both the bullish and bearish stock market cases.

Feb 04 1995

Inside The Bond Market

  • Feb 4, 1995

Weight of the evidence discipline remains neutral this month. Long T-bond six and twelve month worst case still seen only as 8.50% level.

Jan 04 1993

Inside The Stock Market

  • Jan 4, 1993

On December 21, the Major Trend Index moved into "neutral" territory.