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Jul 15 2021

Could Inflation Fears Again Shift Leadership?

  • Jul 15, 2021

It’s been a lousy week for inflation! Early Tuesday morning, the NFIB Small-Business Price Survey for June reportedly rose to its highest level since 1981. That was shortly followed by the release of the Consumer Price Index, showing Core CPI inflation surged by 0.9% in June, more than double the 0.4% consensus expectation. As the day progressed, both the CRB Raw Industrial Commodity Price Index and the price of crude oil reached new recovery highs. Then, on Wednesday, it was reported that the Core Producer Price Index jumped by 1% compared to an expectation of only 0.5%. So, in surreal fashion, the last twelve months’ consumer- and producer-inflation rates are now suddenly 5.4% and 7.3%, respectively.


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James Paulsen / Chief Investment Strategist