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Automotive Retail

Jul 08 2021

Automotive Retail: Attractive Amidst Industry Recovery

  • Jul 8, 2021

Automotive Retail currently ranks Attractive per our Group Selection Scores. This group offers a range of exposure to a bumpy—but recovering—U.S.-auto industry made up of car dealerships and auto parts & service retailers.

Jan 06 2018

Consumer Discretionary Back On Top

  • Jan 6, 2018

Of the 110 industries in our framework, the top seven are all Consumer Discretionary.

May 05 2017

Dynamics Shift Among Auto-Related Industries

  • May 5, 2017

Automotive Retail group takes a backseat while Auto Parts & Equipment takes over the wheel. We examine the market/environmental dynamics that may be causing these groups’ routes to diverge.

Feb 07 2017

Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • Feb 7, 2017

Automotive Retail improved into the top five rankings; Biotechnology, despite being out of favor, has both long-term growth potential and higher profitability than Pharmaceuticals; Developed Diversified Banks is up almost 20% since the election.

Nov 05 2016

Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • Nov 5, 2016

Airlines, Asset Management & Custody Banks, and Automotive Retail all have attractive Valuations and strong VLT Momentum.

Mar 07 2016

Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • Mar 7, 2016

Highlighting Automotive Retail, Education Services and Insurance Brokers.

Oct 07 2015

Automotive Retail: Still In The Driver’s Seat

  • Oct 7, 2015

We revisit this long-held industry group and explain our positive outlook going forward.

May 08 2015

GS Score Sector Rankings, and Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • May 8, 2015

Health Care, Info Tech, and Consumer Discretionary are the top three rated broad sectors.

Apr 08 2015

Can Consumer Discretionary Relative Strength Continue?

  • Apr 8, 2015

Despite this sector’s extended outperformance, we think this trend may persist in the near term as Discretionary industry groups look increasingly attractive within our group work. Keeping an eye on the Fed Funds rate is key, however.

Mar 06 2015

Our Most Contrarian Group Ideas

  • Mar 6, 2015

Using “Analyst Score” to measure sentiment and our Group Selection (GS) Scores, we present what appear to be the most quantitatively Attractive, yet disliked equity groups.

Dec 05 2014

Retail Groups Rise In The Ranks

  • Dec 5, 2014

A new theme emerging within our GS Scores—Retail related industry groups are flocking to the upper rankings of the scores.

Aug 07 2014

Automotive Retail Shines In A Dimming Sector

  • Aug 7, 2014

We examine the highly ranked Automotive Retail group and explain why, despite its recent strength, it may still have room to run.

Mar 07 2014

Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • Mar 7, 2014

A quick look at the Commodity Chemicals, Automotive Retail, Aerospace & Defense, and Computer & Office Hardware groups, all of which caught our eyes this month.


Jan 08 2014

Long Only Portfolios Finish 2013 Strong

  • Jan 8, 2014

Select Industries deactivated Specialized Finance. Global Industries deactivated Food & Staples Retail and Road & Rail and purchased Managed Health Care.

Dec 06 2013

Broad Themes Found In Auto & Insurance Industries

  • Dec 6, 2013

We like when we can find groups inside of broad themes, and these two industries are amongst the strongest in our work right now.

Oct 08 2013

Select Industries: Minimal Turnover

  • Oct 8, 2013

There was little turnover in the GS Scores this month and no group deactivations. With minimal capital to work with, we added selectively to existing group holdings.

Aug 07 2012

Checking In On Some Past Group Ideas

  • Aug 7, 2012

Updates for three groups we highlighted recently, including two domestic (Education Services and Automotive Retail), and one foreign-based thematic group, the Asia Healthy Tigers Index.


Jul 06 2012

Automotive Retail: Attractive, But Fundamental Divergence

  • Jul 6, 2012

Automotive Retail Group rated Attractive, but consider the fundamental divergence between the two subsets of stocks included. Expect Auto Parts/Service Providers to remain strong; with Auto Dealers outlook less favorable.


Sep 03 2008

Automotive Retail...Initiating A New 7% Portfolio Position

  • Sep 3, 2008

Adding a new equity group holding in Automotive Retail. This gives us about a market weight in the Consumer Discretionary sector, our most significant exposure in several years.