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Aug 04 2022

The Active/Passive Performance Cycle Second Quarter 2022 Update

  • Aug 4, 2022

The performance derby between actively-managed portfolios and passively-managed index funds is a topic of ongoing interest for Leuthold clients and the investment community at large. Therefore, we are providing an update to all charts and tables of our Active/Passive performance analyses.

Mar 07 2014

Long-Term Equity Performance Coming Up Short

  • Mar 7, 2014

The bull market has pushed short-term annualized performance readings well above median levels, while the longer-term readings remain subdued. But there is a silver lining…

Aug 07 2013

Two Valuation Metrics Still Bucking The Norm

  • Aug 7, 2013

With many (but not all) of our valuation metrics in overvalued territory, we present two histograms from our forthcoming quarterly BenchMarks publication that make the case that stocks are cheap (well, almost).

Feb 05 1992

Stock Market Valuations And Treasury Bill Yields

  • Feb 5, 1992

The Leuthold Group currently incorporates 38 stock market valuation measures in its Major Trend Index (see Appendix). Currently 31 of these are at least to some degree negative.

Apr 01 1989

View from the North Country

  • Apr 1, 1989

Benchmarks Mailed to All Clients in Late March...Hall Of Famer “Sedge” Coppock...MTA Annual Seminar May 19-21, Naples, Florida...New Zealand Update...Precious Metals Update

Mar 01 1989

Intrinsic Value Update

  • Mar 1, 1989

We apologize for the unanticipated Benchmarks delay. In the meantime, per client requests, here are updated histograms for our primary stock market value benchmarks, including commentary. We are pleased that so many of our clients really do use this work.

Apr 01 1987

Intrinsic Value Benchmarks

  • Apr 1, 1987

We were not planning to publish the Leuthold Group’s Histographs this issue. But clearly a number of clients have a high level of interest in this work. We had a large number of calls this last month requesting updates. So, here they are again.

Mar 01 1987

Focus: Intrinsic Value Benchmarks

  • Mar 1, 1987

Updated histographs of P/E multiples, book value ratios and yields are presented this issue, as well as a new histograph of cash flow ratios.