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Blue Chips

Jul 08 2022

How It Is—And Isn’t—Like Y2K

  • Jul 8, 2022

We previously promised to limit the amount of comparisons to Y2K, but the paths that a number of the usual suspects are taking look more and more like “something we’ve seen before”—in some cases down to the percentage point.

Jul 01 2022

How It Is, And Isn’t, Like Y2K

  • Jul 1, 2022

The 2022 economic backdrop is nothing like the near-Goldilocks environment accompanying the first few innings of the Y2K Tech bust. However, the action to-date in the former Growth stock leaders has followed the 2000-2002 path very closely—and almost on a point-for-point basis, when it comes to some  indexes. With the stock market “weight of the evidence” still negative, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Y2K analog holds for a while longer.

Aug 06 2020

Free For All?

  • Aug 6, 2020

The weekly covers of The Economist do a pretty good job of capturing the zeitgeist of global financial affairs, but there’s so much packed into every issue (and enough to do around our shop) that sometimes all we see are the covers. But we have to admit we’re disappointed in The Economist for the week ended July 31st. The “Free Money” theme is at least four months too late!

Jan 08 2014

The 2014 Outlook: More Volatility, But Ultimately An Up Year

  • Jan 8, 2014

Gains will likely be modest, and secondary stocks could finish the year flat-to-down. The year will likely be marred by a moderate to severe mid-year correction, and Small Caps could easily suffer a 20% hit during that swoon.

Nov 05 2002

View From The North Country

  • Nov 5, 2002

Just buy and hold good blue chip stocks? …..No growth is permanent.

Aug 05 1993

Are Coke and Mickey Mouse “Forever”?

  • Aug 5, 1993

The one thing that we can count on about the future is that it will not be the same as today. While a diamond may be forever, a Blue Chip stock is not...not even Disney, not even Coca Cola and certainly not IBM.