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Consumer Spending

Feb 05 2006

Update On The Economy….Q4 Just A Bump In The Road...Or Something More?

  • Feb 5, 2006

Real GDP in Q4 was not too robust, but the numbers will likely be revised upward.

Nov 05 2003

Capex And Consumer Spending Back In Sync

  • Nov 5, 2003

Another confirmation of the strength of the recovery.

Oct 05 2003

Don't Count Out The Consumer

  • Oct 5, 2003

Consumer should not be underestimated. Combined mortgage debt and household debt only 14%, just barely above the 1980-to-date median.

May 05 2002

View From The North Country

  • May 5, 2002

With only a slight hesitation, consumer spending continued to increase month after month during the 2001 recession, ignoring the layoffs and the slide in the consumer confidence measures.