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Jan 07 2017

Bridesmaid Strategy For Equity Managers

  • Jan 7, 2017

Our analysis on the Bridesmaid effect originated back in 2006, but was initially based on equity sectors rather than asset classes.

Sep 10 2013

Duration: It’s Not Just For Bonds Anymore

  • Sep 10, 2013

We measure the sensitivity of common stocks to changes in interest rates using Implied Equity Duration. Growth-oriented sectors tend to have higher duration than Value-oriented sectors, while regional differences are largely explained by interest rate and risk premium differentials.

Jan 07 2013

A Peak At The Rear-View Mirror!

  • Jan 7, 2013

We’ve lately made it a January tradition to publish a “Rear View Mirror” forecast for S&P 500 returns out to the end of this decade.

Jan 07 2013

Leuthold Stock Quality Rankings

  • Jan 7, 2013

Our Stock Quality Rankings currently show that stocks with Low Quality rankings outperformed those with High Quality rankings.

Mar 05 2003

Catching Up To The Guy Who Sold At The Market Top

  • Mar 5, 2003

Given various assumed compound rates of return, how long will it take for the investor who remained in stocks to catch the investor who shifted to T-bills at the top?

Feb 04 1995

Sorry, Equity Stance Is Still Cautious

  • Feb 4, 1995

The market’s tone improved significantly in very late January and got even better with the impressive bond motivated upside explosion on Friday February 3.

Mar 07 1993

Scanning The Markets

  • Mar 7, 1993

The table on the next page is a performance rundown for Leuthold equity market sectors (and other measures) ranked by February 1993 performance.

Jan 05 1992

Tuning Up Techniques For 1992

  • Jan 5, 1992

This marks my twentieth year publishing an equity model portfolio with a sector focus.