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Health Care Cost Containment

Aug 04 2004

Weakness In Health Care GS Scores

  • Aug 4, 2004

Health Care was our top-ranked sector from March 2003 to February 2004. Since that time, the sector’s composite score has steadily fallen. 

Feb 05 2003

New Select Industries Group Holding: Health Care Cost Containment

  • Feb 5, 2003

This thematic group shifted to attractive for February after slow but steady improvement over last six months.

Jul 03 2002

New Group Coverage

  • Jul 3, 2002

Added coverage of three new groups to our Leuthold's Groups publication: High ROI Screen, Health Care Cost Containment, and Fountains of Youth.

Jul 05 1995

View from the North Country

  • Jul 5, 1995

U.S. healthcare cost containment? Still a long way to go. The 1995 “Tax Freedom Day” scorecard and the top 10 reasons the market will never go down.

Oct 04 1983

Health Care Today and Tomorrow....And One Specific Investment Opportunity Area

  • Oct 4, 1983

In recent years health care stocks have developed a bad case of two tier-ism. Health care service issues have been hot numbers while more traditional health care issues, primarily the big ethical drug issues languished. From now on it may be the other way around.