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Info Tech

Jan 07 2020

Industry Returns: The Decade’s Winners & Losers

  • Jan 7, 2020

This “decade in review” edition examines the performance of sectors and industries, looking at the best and worst groups to reveal the stories they have to tell.

Dec 07 2018

Sector Rankings

  • Dec 7, 2018

For the sixth consecutive month, the top-three rated sectors are Health Care, Consumer Discretionary, and Info Tech. Rounding out the bottom end of the rankings are Materials, Energy, and Consumer Staples.


Jun 07 2017

A “Measured” Melt-Up

  • Jun 7, 2017

The stock market “melt up” scenario is underway but has proven less broad than we expected. Just as in the late-1990s, Technology and NASDAQ are the main subjects of investor adulation.

Jun 07 2017

Old School Tech Flies High; Semi Equipment Revisited

  • Jun 7, 2017

Although the glamorous Tech giants have captured investors’ attention of late, from our perspective, the old school, physical Semiconductor plays hold the greatest appeal.

May 05 2017

Technology: Popping The “Bubble” Talk

  • May 5, 2017

The S&P 500 eclipsed the “Twin Peaks” (2000 and 2007 highs) in 2013, and two years later the NASDAQ topped its 2000 high.

Sep 04 2009

Thoughts On Long-Term Leadership

  • Sep 4, 2009

Bubble groups rarely return as market leaders until after experiencing a prolonged trading range pattern. Technology currently appears to have paid its dues and could develop into the next market leader.

Apr 04 2007

Technology: Seven Years After The Bubble And Still Struggling

  • Apr 4, 2007
  • Our quantitative work on technology remains poor, and only a single tech subgroup—Technology Distributors—makes our current Attractive list.  Per the Group Selection disciplines, there are currently no technology stocks in our Select Industries portfolio.
  • Tech’s underperformance has helped restore better relative value to the sector, but valuations aren’t yet cheap enough for a big “reversion-to-the mean” bet.
Oct 05 2004

Sector Spotlight...on Technology

  • Oct 5, 2004

Looking for Q4 tactical trading opportunities in Tech.

Mar 03 2004

Is The NASDAQ Recovery Over?

  • Mar 3, 2004

NASDAQ was only index to decline in February. Some are wondering if the rally is over for the NASDAQ. This month’s “Of Special Interest” looks at past NASDAQ recoveries.

Feb 03 2004

Tech Watch

  • Feb 3, 2004

GS Scores for Tech groups have been fading in recent months, with only one Tech group now viewed as Attractive. The quantitative deterioration prompted us to reduce portfolio Tech exposure.

Dec 03 2003

Tech Watch

  • Dec 3, 2003

The broad Tech sector has rallied significantly from lows and is not cheap by tradi­tional valuation measures. Upside driver must be earnings momentum, which contin­ues to be strong.

Nov 05 2003

Tech Watch

  • Nov 5, 2003

Technology stocks rebound off late September sell off. The NASDAQ records its thirdbest month this year (+8.1%), and is now up 44.7% YTD.

Oct 05 2003

Tech Watch

  • Oct 5, 2003

Technology stocks retreat in late September. The NASDAQ records its first down month this year (–1.3%), but finished Q3 up 10.1%.

Sep 03 2003

Tech Watch

  • Sep 3, 2003

Still overweight Info Tech, but stock selection likely to get tougher in coming months.

Jul 04 2003

Tech Watch

  • Jul 4, 2003

This may be one of the few sectors that has the opportunity to provide 20% or more growth in 2003. If inves­tors can get over their fears, they could be rewarded by the Tech sector.

Jun 04 2003

Tech Watch

  • Jun 4, 2003

Technology stocks UP BIG AGAIN in May. The NASDAQ gained 9.0% for the month (9.2% last month), second again only to the Russell 2000.

May 05 2003

Tech Watch

  • May 5, 2003

Technology stocks up BIG in April. The NASDAQ gained 9.2% for the month, secondonly to the Russell 2000 in terms of performance.

Apr 05 2003

Tech Watch

  • Apr 5, 2003

The broad Tech sector is down significantly from all time highs, but is still not cheap by traditional measures.

Mar 05 2003

Tech Watch

  • Mar 5, 2003

For the second month in a row, the NASDAQ was the best performing major index.

Feb 05 2003

Tech Watch

  • Feb 5, 2003

The broad Tech sector is down significantly from all time highs, but is still not cheap by traditional measures. Upside driver will have to be new earnings momentum developing.

Jan 05 2003

Tech Watch

  • Jan 5, 2003

Technology stocks retreat in December, as our broad tech index lost 16.0%.  However for all of Q4 Tech was up 33%.

Dec 04 2002

Tech Watch

  • Dec 4, 2002

Technology stocks soar again as our broad tech index gained 26.4% in November.

Nov 05 2002

Tech Watch

  • Nov 5, 2002

October provided welcomed relief for technology stock investors. After an average loss of 18% for tech stocks in September, the October rebound came along and more than made up for the loss in most cases.

Oct 04 2002

Tech Watch

  • Oct 4, 2002

Still extremely risky area of equities, but recovery may be near. Currently rank six tech groups “Attractive”.

Sep 04 2002

Tech Watch—Pockets of Strength Beginning to Emerge

  • Sep 4, 2002

Stock selection and small cap focus have provided the only hopes of surviving this decimated sector.

Aug 05 2002

Tech Watch

  • Aug 5, 2002

Fundamentals continue to build for technology, but prices yet to react…..Evidence that tech fundamentals are now improving.

Jul 03 2002

Tech Watch

  • Jul 3, 2002

Fundamentals continue to build for technology, but prices still not cheap. Semiconductors continue to show stabilization. Japanese shipments above median for first time in over a year.

Jun 05 2002

Tech Watch

  • Jun 5, 2002

Book to Bill ratio continues to improve. Some solid evidence that the prospects for the chipmakers are looking up.

May 05 2002

Tech Watch

  • May 5, 2002

Time to buy Semiconductors? Some early evidence that the prospects for the chipmakers are looking up.

Apr 03 2002

Tech Watch

  • Apr 3, 2002

Tech still down big from all time highs, but still not cheap. Upside driver will have to be new earnings momentum developing.

Mar 05 2002

Tech Watch

  • Mar 5, 2002

S&P Tech clobbered in February, but median PE ratio still rising for 6th straight month as almost half of our tech index has no earnings.

Feb 05 2002

Tech Watch

  • Feb 5, 2002

S&P Tech up slightly in January, but median PE ratio rises for 5th straight month as poor earnings are reported.

Jan 04 2002

Tech Watch

  • Jan 4, 2002

S&P Tech remained flat in December, but P/E ratios continue to climb as poor earnings are reported.

Dec 05 2001

Tech Watch…..S&P Tech Subset Soared Again. Up 16% In November

  • Dec 5, 2001

Tech soared again in November despite cratering earnings.

Nov 05 2001

Tech Watch…..S&P Tech Subset Soared 16% In October

  • Nov 5, 2001

From a much lower base, at least some tech stocks could once again become earnings momentum plays.

May 05 2001

Tech Watch…..Strong Bounce In April

  • May 5, 2001

Tech stocks came roaring back in April (Info Tech sector up 22%), but don’t expect another parabolic rise!

Feb 07 1990

Repeat: Big Money Will Be Made Here...Some Day

  • Feb 7, 1990

Here is a sector we have recently added to our stable for tracking purposes.