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Integrated Oil & Gas

Nov 05 2021

Energy Makes Its Move

  • Nov 5, 2021

After years of languishing in the rock bottom of Group Selection Scores and sector rankings, Energy exploded higher this month, jumping from 10th lowest (out of eleven broad sectors) to 3rd highest in our composite rankings.

Jan 05 2018

Water Utilities Take A Dive

  • Jan 5, 2018

Integrated Oil & Gas and Oil & Gas Drilling are this week's best groups. Real State Investment Trusts and Water Utilities are this week's worst groups.

Jul 07 2017

Humble Oil

  • Jul 7, 2017

With Energy stocks underperforming the S&P 500 by 20% YTD, contrarian clients are wondering if the sector holds any promise. Here we look for valuation signals that offer encouragement for bargain-hunting investors willing to buy on weakness.

Jul 08 2014

Energy Rates At 4-Yr High; Bought Integrated Oil

  • Jul 8, 2014

Strength in the Energy sector has been so compelling that our two recent Energy group allocations together now make up a 10% portfolio weight, after having no Energy exposure from June 2013—April.

Jun 06 2014

Defensive And Commodity Groups Improve

  • Jun 6, 2014

Two Consumer Staples groups upgraded to Attractive this month, Beverages and Tobacco. The Energy sector saw Integrated Oil & Gas upgraded to Attractive.

Mar 06 2012

New Group Position: Integrated Oil & Gas

  • Mar 6, 2012

The Integrated Oil & Gas group was bought in the Select Industries Portfolio in late February. The group has been rated Attractive a majority of the time since November 2010.

Sep 03 2008

Crude Oil Regression Analysis

  • Sep 3, 2008

Analyst estimates for oil stock earnings never seem to fully capture the impact that the price of oil has on their earnings.

Sep 05 2005

Cautious On Oil Stocks In The Short Term

  • Sep 5, 2005

Surprised that crude oil did not soar above $70. Price of crude seems to have double topped at $70 and some correction is expected in coming months.

Jul 04 2005

Further Upside In Integrated Oil?: Analysts’ EPS Estimates Still Appear Too Conservative

  • Jul 4, 2005

Revised forecasts again appear to be too conservative given prevailing spot and futures prices.

Sep 05 2004

Sector Spotlight...Energy

  • Sep 5, 2004

Based on oil futures prices, 2005 year-end  consensus  earnings forecasts for the Integrated Oil & Gas group appear too low! These too-low forecasts imply further upside for oil shares, and, at the very least, limited downside relative to the rest of the market.

Apr 07 1983

Up with The OiIs

  • Apr 7, 1983

We have increased our Oil Patch holdings by 5%, now 14% of Equity Portfolio assets. The recent spot oil price trends now seem to confirm our preliminary conclusion that crude price declines are over… least for a while.