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Margin Debt

Feb 05 2021

A Sign It Could Get “Even Sillier”

  • Feb 5, 2021

The January moves in heavily shorted Micro Caps were more bizarre than anything we saw during the wildest days of the Tech bubble. Despite these signs of rampant stock speculation by the retail crowd, we still wouldn’t characterize today’s sentiment backdrop as frenzied as the peak levels of 1999-2000.

Oct 07 2015

A Whimpering Sell Signal...

  • Oct 7, 2015

It’s been more than two years since NYSE Margin Debt broke out above its 2007 high, and we remember the rash of bearish commentary that accompanied that milestone. We later showed the Margin Debt increase was almost perfectly proportional to the gain in the stock market itself, and not a reason to turn bearish in and of itself. But our tune has changed.

Mar 06 2015

Margin Debt Revisited

  • Mar 6, 2015

Stock market Margin Debt enjoyed a brief phase of notoriety when it eclipsed its 2007 high just over a year ago, then it retreated into obscurity. Now it may finally be telling us something.

Apr 08 2014

Margin Debt: Much Ado About Not Very Much

  • Apr 8, 2014

Margin debt levels are high, but that’s because stock prices are high. The critical relationship is the comparative rates-of-change in Margin Debt and stock prices.

Oct 05 2003

View From The North Country

  • Oct 5, 2003

Thoughts and commentary regarding the groups in our Select Industries Portfolio, the Mutual Fund Timing scandal, NASD Margin Debt and deficit worries.

Oct 05 2003

Client Questions

  • Oct 5, 2003

Answering client questions on the economic recovery, bull market upside, valuations, Main Street and what could go wrong?

May 04 2000
Jun 02 1999

View From The North Country

  • Jun 2, 1999

With margin debt soaring, it’s past time for the Fed to boost margin requirements. Charlie Maxwell offers unique insights on the oil patch. Rapidly deteriorating U.S./China relationship could have severe implications.

Sep 05 1997

Margin Debt Huge and Understated?

  • Sep 5, 1997

Margin debt was $116 billion in July, up from $80 billion a year ago. This marks a record high in terms of dollars, as a percent of GDP, and as a percentage of total stock market value.