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Schrodinger's Style Box

Aug 04 2023

Active/Passive Whiplash

  • Aug 4, 2023

The active/passive performance derby experienced a severe case of whiplash the last three months. Through the end of the first quarter, market conditions were advantageous for active managers, now the second quarter has revealed a massive shift in favor of passive styles.

May 04 2023

Active/Passive: Data Refresh Through Q1-2023

  • May 4, 2023

The performance derby between actively managed portfolios and passively managed index funds is a fascinating and important topic in the investment community at large. This note provides a brief update our previous studies through the first quarter of 2023.

Aug 04 2022

The Active/Passive Performance Cycle Second Quarter 2022 Update

  • Aug 4, 2022

The performance derby between actively-managed portfolios and passively-managed index funds is a topic of ongoing interest for Leuthold clients and the investment community at large. Therefore, we are providing an update to all charts and tables of our Active/Passive performance analyses.