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Nov 07 2013

How Long Can Small Caps Lead?

  • Nov 7, 2013

The Russell 2000 is about five points ahead of Large Caps YTD, and is approaching its April 2011 long-term relative peak. We view this outperformance as their leadership’s last gasp and not a new cycle.

Feb 04 2011

A “Textbook” Start To 2011

  • Feb 4, 2011

All time honored seasonal anomalies are indicating stocks can go higher in 2011. The good news is our Major Trend Index agrees, and has actually been getting stronger the last few weeks.

Dec 05 2007

Bulls May Have Christmas...

  • Dec 5, 2007

Bulls may indeed have Christmas, but fundamentals for bearish case in 2008 are extensive.

Nov 04 2000

Will November Be "A Month of Cold Chilling Rains"?

  • Nov 4, 2000

I think November might be a rather dreary month for the U.S. stock market, even if we don’t get those cold chilling rains.

Oct 04 2000

Is October "The Cruelest Month"?

  • Oct 4, 2000

October carries a reputation with investors as the “cruelest  month”, but statistically, September is most likely to be a downer. Paid To Play Portfolio: Now up an unbelievable 57% YTD. Tech Sunset? Professionals seem to be lightening their load in technology and communication commitments, now targeting a market weight.

Dec 05 1999

November Mutual Fund Flows

  • Dec 5, 1999

U. S. focus equity fund inflows are estimated to have risen to $20 billion in November. Also, we highlight a few of the more significant seasonal effects and point out things to look out for in the coming weeks.