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S&P 500 Valuations

Jul 08 2023

Another Chance To “Buy High”

  • Jul 8, 2023

Despite this year’s massive underperformance by the Equal Weighted S&P 500, the median stock doesn’t appear substantially more attractive than the cap-weighted index. Three of five valuation measures are now back in the top decile of readings, which we’d consider pricey in any monetary or economic backdrop.

Apr 07 2023

What’s “Priced In?”

  • Apr 7, 2023

Could the stock market have already discounted a forthcoming recession?

Mar 07 2023

In The “Eye” Of The Beholder

  • Mar 7, 2023

Stocks could trade higher in the next few months as CPI numbers enjoy easy year-to-year comparisons, prompting a more soothing tone in daily Fed-speak. Then again, the lagged impact of the last year’s rate hikes and balance-sheet shrinkage has yet to materialize, meaning we’re likely in the eye of the storm.

Aug 05 2022

Valuations: Living Beyond One’s Means?

  • Aug 5, 2022

We won’t dispute that investors were not genuinely frightened at the June market lows, or that fears have evaporated following a 13% rally in the S&P 500. The distress is understandable: For 26 traumatizing days in 2022, our S&P 500 Normalized P/E multiple traded below its 1957-to-date top decile!