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Time Cycles

Jan 06 2024

2024 Time Cycles—Watch Politics & Geopolitics

  • Jan 6, 2024

Given how many potential political and geopolitical hotspots there are at present, it might be a bit presumptuous to think 2024 will be a typical year. Politics and geopolitics are the most underpriced risk for 2024.

Jul 08 2023

2023 Time Cycle—Mid-Year Update

  • Jul 8, 2023

So far, it’s all about sector exposure in 2023.

Jan 07 2023

2022 Surprises & 2023 Time Cycles

  • Jan 7, 2023

We updated our time-cycle composite for 2023. Overall, while the patterns suggest a year of smooth sailing for most markets, the actual paths forward could be much more volatile.

Nov 05 2022

A Trade Contrarians Will Love

  • Nov 5, 2022

Time cycles have been spot on in 2022, with the stock market declining through the mid-year months (May-October) of a mid-term election year. But November 1st saw the opening of the market’s most bullish window according to the same patterns.

Jul 08 2022

Time Cycles Got It Right; What Do They Say Now?

  • Jul 8, 2022

The enormity of the preceding mania and its vicious unwind have us believing the current bear could unfold over a much lengthier time than is typical. But a combo of time cycles suggests a major low is due any time.

Jan 07 2022

Time Cycles Say There’ll Be Better Times Than 2022

  • Jan 7, 2022

Numerologists will be disappointed to learn that longer-term time cycles don’t line up for a prosperous 2022 for stocks. However, the historical “hit rates” aren’t high enough to justify running for cover if you have no other fundamental stock-market worries.