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Feb 11 2022

4% Club—AAPL Takes On The World

  • Feb 11, 2022

It’s probably about high time that we check in with our past and present members of the esteemed 4% Club. For those of you not familiar with this vignette: back in the day, achieving a 4% weight in the S&P 500 had been a rare feat, occurring only during periods of extreme enthusiasm for technology, conglomerates or oil. The blessing of membership soon turned into a curse, with most taking just a cup of coffee behind the velvet ropes before being thrown to the curb because of dramatic underperformance to the rest of the Index. Our two most recent inductees seem to be following the proper established Club protocol for not lingering at the party too long. The two other members, however, have been receiving their mail at the Club for quite some time.

Nov 22 2019

AAPL—The Trillion Dollar “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”

  • Nov 22, 2019

OK, OK–maybe Apple isn’t so “Itsy Bitsy.” However, when viewed through the lens of our “4% Club” vignette, the stock has certainly followed the Sisyphean pattern of that popular nursery rhyme (and accompanying fingerplay, of course) over the last seven-plus years.

Sep 07 2018

Is FANG Forever?

  • Sep 7, 2018

As mania surrounding Apple’s stock was reaching a fever pitch in early 2012, The Leuthold Group wrote a piece entitled, Apple, Just How High Can It Go? To those caught up in the hysteria, the article served as a cautionary reminder.

Jul 07 2018

Apple Back Tickling 4%

  • Jul 7, 2018

Apple has added 10% to its market value since the end of January, and this action has pole-vaulted the Cupertino firm back into the rarefied air of the “4% Club” (S&P 500 weighting) for the fourth time in six years.

Jun 07 2016

Apple Falls To Earth

  • Jun 7, 2016

Following a brief re-admittance to the “Four Percent Club,” the value of Apple declined by the equivalent of one General Electric or two IBMs in the span of just over 14 months.

Mar 06 2015

Apple: Back In The Club!

  • Mar 6, 2015

While we own Apple stock across all of our quantitative long equity strategies, we’ll admit to having mixed feelings when the company shot up to an S&P 500 index weighting of just over four percent last month (4.04%).

Jan 08 2014

Sector Performance – Finding Discrepancies

  • Jan 8, 2014

Our Tech sector outpaced the S&P 500 Tech sector by  1400 bps and our Materials sector lagged the S&P 500 Materials by 2300 bps. Here’s why…

Apr 04 2012

Apple: Just How High Can It Go?

  • Apr 4, 2012

A discussion on mounting Apple insanity and an old study revisited focusing on long term corporate survivorship— “Is Apple Forever?”

Apr 04 2012

Is Apple Forever?

  • Apr 4, 2012

Apple now comprises 4.4% of the S&P 500, making it the fifth entrant into the Four Percent Club since 1990.