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Aussie Bonds

Jul 01 1989

View from the North Country

  • Jul 1, 1989

The Early Warning Work: Have We Found The Keys To The Kingdom?....The Wisdom Of Paul Miller....New Zealand and Australia Updates

Jun 01 1989

Australian Bonds…..Time for An Encore?

  • Jun 1, 1989

With Aussie Commonwealth bond yields again up around 14% and the Aussie dollar down to $0.75 U.S., we are moving part of the fixed income portion from both the asset allocation models back into the Aussie bond market.

Jan 07 1988

View From The North Country

  • Jan 7, 1988

Another New Year has arrived.

Oct 03 1986

View from the North Country

  • Oct 3, 1986

You all have experienced the frustrations of investment committee meetings. Read how Rosenberg Capital Management approaches group decision making. It Ain't Like the Good Old Days... U.S. dominance in the worldwide economic scene has greatly diminished. Aussie update: buy bonds and see the movie.

Aug 03 1986

View from the North Country

  • Aug 3, 1986

Fiscal Responsibility Coming in August (An update on performance, not the real thing)..…Programs & Portfolio Insurance:  The new hot product in pension circles. Will the implementation of these programs have an impact on the stock market? We think it could.

Jul 03 1986

View from the North Country

  • Jul 3, 1986

Australian Bond Update…TV Isn’t All Bad…Tax Reform…How’s Your Long-Term Investment Perspective? Take the Quiz…How to Make Over 50% On Your Money and Lose

May 04 1986

View from the North Country

  • May 4, 1986

The Case for Australian Government Bonds: On a relative basis, these bonds look better to us today than in August of 1985. The Real Estate Game: The real estate glut has now spread across almost all of the nation. Still, a number of pension funds and insurance companies continue to put up more buildings. Does this really make investment sense?

Sep 03 1985

Bond Market Summary

  • Sep 3, 1985

The cyclical bull market may still live, but the best of the move is behind us. 9% T-bond yields may be realized in the next year or so, but in coming months not much upside action is expected from current levels.

May 02 1985

View from the North Country

  • May 2, 1985

The View from Down Under…Answering Some Questions: questions and comments about last issue’s essay on “The Value of Independence”…Yours from Minnesota, Ohio