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Mar 07 2017

Lo And Behold, Another RATIO!!

  • Mar 7, 2017

For managers who must remain fully invested in equities (or “paid to play,” as we’ve often called it), the level of inflation might prove a less important consideration than its character.

Apr 08 2015

Another Take On The Inflation Debate

  • Apr 8, 2015

While there’s understandable obsession over the likely level of inflation (especially with the year-over-year CPI dipping below zero in the past two months), equity managers with no interest or skill in inflation forecasting might be better served by monitoring the character of inflation—i.e., whether it was led by changes in consumer or producer prices.

Jan 08 2014

GS Scores in 2014

  • Jan 8, 2014

Looking forward, groups from the Information Technology, Health Care, Consumer Discretionary, and Financials sectors look appealing.

Jan 08 2014

Stock Market Leadership In 2014: Large Caps, Tech, Health Care

  • Jan 8, 2014

Following a great year for trend-following, capitalizing on key reversals in sector performance will be important in winning the 2014 performance derby.

Jun 07 2013

Commodities: Still Worried About Supply

  • Jun 7, 2013

Commodity producers seem to believe that last decade’s commodity boom is set to repeat. This belief itself probably ensures that it won’t.

Mar 02 2010

Thoughts On China Investing: Domestic Consumption Versus Infrastructure Play

  • Mar 2, 2010

Jun Zhu makes a compelling case for focusing China equity exposure on consumer stocks. Increases in bank “Required Reserves” mandated by China government will have greater impact on Infrastructure stocks, while consumerism is still being supported and encouraged.


May 05 2004

Market Mood Swings

  • May 5, 2004

Bull market still intact, but investor appetite for risk remains subdued. April’s preference was for defensive and conservative strategies. Old axiom “Sell in May and go away” doesn’t seem to apply during the 130 days leading up to election day.

Apr 05 2000

View From The North Country

  • Apr 5, 2000

Individuals are sincere about investing appropriately, but get virtually no advise about risk. Also, putting the speed and volatility of the internet revolution in perspective.

Apr 05 1993

The Message of Phillip Morris

  • Apr 5, 1993

Six months ago, this stock was at the top of most institutions' core holding list. Smashed and broken, it's now a major portfolio embarrassment. Once again, the often forgotten message from the past echoes: No Growth Is Permanent.

Mar 05 1992
Jun 04 1990

Consumer Growth Stock Bargains

  • Jun 4, 1990

In recent months we have been increasingly impressed by the improving relative performance of consumer growth stocks. This month a four stock package of consumer growth stocks was introduced as a formal portfolio sector.

Jul 01 1989

The Graying Concept Expanded: The “Graying Consumer”

  • Jul 1, 1989

The consensus way to play the “Graying of America” has been via health care related stocks. But the “Graying of America” is not just a play on health care for the aged.

Jun 01 1989

View from the North Country

  • Jun 1, 1989

Aussie Bonds Attractive Once Again...MTA Seminar...Copper Update...The Age Wave Consumer...Bullish? Gold Charts

Jul 04 1984

Results of the June 14, 1984 Screen Tests

  • Jul 4, 1984

Jim Floyd has run new computer screens for the Consumer High Growth sector, Regional Bank Double Plays, The Undervalued & Unloved issues and the Growth Stock Bargain Basket.

Oct 06 1982

How Much Longer Do the Consumer Stocks Have?

  • Oct 6, 1982

Many consumer stocks are no longer especially cheap, even when 1983 earnings are considered. Nor has the increase in consumer demand most were expecting materialized. While consumer stocks rallied strongly with the strong August market and did not flounder in the September consolidation, they are certainly no longer the mighty market leaders they were earlier in the year. These factors combine, creating a vague uneasiness concerning consumer stocks.

Aug 05 1982

Consumer Growth Stocks

  • Aug 5, 1982

The new computer screen produces 49 candidates for purchase and a new quantitative evaluation formula tells us “buy the numbers” which are “best.” Two of these “best” were added to model portfolio this issue, Walgreen and Alberto Culver.