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Managed Health Care

May 07 2020

Robust Health Care Leads Since Market Peak

  • May 7, 2020

Health Care has been the best performing sector following mid-February’s market peak. Its robust relative performance during this bear market isn’t terribly surprising given the sector’s defensive qualities, but it has impressively outpaced other safe haven areas.

Apr 05 2018

Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • Apr 5, 2018

Air Freight & Logistics is now Attractive for the first time in two years; Managed Health Care has scored in the top tier dating back to 2009; Trading Companies/Distributors provides an option with oil exposure at a time when the GS Scores remain decidedly anti-oil overall.

Jan 19 2018

Semiconductor Equipment Leads This Week

  • Jan 19, 2018

Managed Health Care and Semiconductor Equipment are this week's best groups. Industrial Conglomerates and Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals are this week's worst groups.

Jun 03 2016

Biotech...Small/Micro Leads This Week

  • Jun 3, 2016

Managed Health Care and Biotech...Small/Micro were the best groups this week.  Integrated Oil & Gas and Construction Materials were this week's worst groups.

Jan 22 2016

Apparel Accessories & Textiles Weave Their Way To The Front

  • Jan 22, 2016

Managed Health Care and Apparel Accessories & Textiles were this week's best groups.  Tech Hw Stor & Periph and Oil & Gas Drilling were this week's worst groups.

Oct 16 2015

Managed Health Care and Precious Metals Post Strong Week

  • Oct 16, 2015

Managed Health Care and Precious Metals were this week's best groups and IT Consulting & Other Services and Hypermarkets & Super Centers were this week's worst groups.

Jun 19 2015

Biotech & Managed Health Care Continue Strong Year,

  • Jun 19, 2015

Biotech & Managed Health Care continue strong year, Coal & Consumable Fuels struggle.

May 08 2015

GS Score Sector Rankings, and Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • May 8, 2015

Health Care, Info Tech, and Consumer Discretionary are the top three rated broad sectors.

Jul 08 2014

Current Attractive & Unattractive Groups and Highlights

  • Jul 8, 2014

Managed Health Care, Property & Casualty Insurance, and Railroads highlights.

Apr 08 2014

Highlighted Attractive Groups

  • Apr 8, 2014

A quick look at the Managed Health Care, Semiconductors, Technology Hardware Storage & Peripherals, and Cable & Satellite groups, all of which caught our eyes this month.

Mar 07 2014

Health Care Strength... More Than Biotech?

  • Mar 7, 2014

Three groups currently rank Attractive in the GS Scores: Health Care Distributors, Managed Health Care, and Health Care Equipment.

Jan 08 2014

Long Only Portfolios Finish 2013 Strong

  • Jan 8, 2014

Select Industries deactivated Specialized Finance. Global Industries deactivated Food & Staples Retail and Road & Rail and purchased Managed Health Care.

Dec 06 2013

The Stealthy Move In Health Care

  • Dec 6, 2013

Among the few things untouched by the Obamacare rollout are the rising relative strength patterns of most health care stocks.

Nov 07 2013

Group Models: Finding Opportunity In Controversy

  • Nov 7, 2013

We like Attractive groups that make us cringe at the thought of potentially purchasing them. We take a peek at three groups - Airlines, Education and Managed Care - where we plugged our nose and bought.

Oct 08 2013

A Checkup On Managed Health Care

  • Oct 8, 2013

Despite continued question marks surrounding the effects of Health Care Reform, sentiment seems to have shifted for the better, and a number of broad industry drivers are trending in a promising direction. This group currently has three categories rating Excellent in our domestic group model.

Oct 05 2011

Record Performance Correlations Continue

  • Oct 5, 2011

Industry groups and stocks continue to set records with performance correlations. Defensive groups have seen the largest percentage gain to current correlations relative to the last five years. There truly has been no place to hide in this market.


Nov 04 2009

New Select Industries Position: Managed Health Care

  • Nov 4, 2009

In late October, the Select Industries Portfolio added new positions in Managed Health Care (5.2% of assets).

Mar 05 2007

Health Care Groups Show Strong Improvement In March GS Scores– Buying Managed Health Care

  • Mar 5, 2007

The biggest change within the GS Scores this past month has been the strong improvement in Health Care groups. In response to this, we added to our Health Care exposure with a new group position in Managed Health Care.

Aug 05 2006

Unattractive Groups Based On Group Insider Scores

  • Aug 5, 2006

In prior issues, we have presented those equity groups that had been displaying the best readings in terms of insider selling/buying. Several clients have expressed an interest in seeing those groups with the most significant levels of insider selling. The following table presents the ten groups with the most pervasive insider selling.

Oct 05 1999

Equity Portfolio Deactivates Two Group Commitments

  • Oct 5, 1999

Defense Contractors and Health Care Management both experienced sharp contractions in their quantitative scores and fell into the neutral range.

Jun 02 1999

New Select Industries Group Holding: Health Care Management Staging a Healthy Recovery

  • Jun 2, 1999

Improved earnings momentum, favorable demographics and lessening government pressures all coming together to set stage for Health Care to again provide market leadership.