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Jun 07 2018

US Bonds

  • Jun 7, 2018

Political and geo-political concerns linger while we are entering a seasonally unfavorable window. Maintain Neutral.

Sep 15 2017

Inflation-First Upside Surprise In Six Months

  • Sep 15, 2017

While still too early to call an upturn in inflation, we believe at least expectations are perhaps low enough to make the odds in favor of upside surprises in the near term. We don’t think one small beat on the CPI is likely to turn the Fed more hawkish at the upcoming September FOMC meeting.

Jun 07 2017

Technology: What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

  • Jun 7, 2017

Last month we suggested that proclamations of a new Technology stock bubble were spectacularly premature. And, following another month of healthy gains, the S&P 500 Information Technology Index still sits on a perch that, fundamentally speaking, looks nothing like that of March 2000.

May 05 2017

Spring Doldrums?

  • May 5, 2017

Bull markets bail out bad decisions—like buying the market high ahead of the Great Recession.

Feb 05 2003

View From The North Country

  • Feb 5, 2003

“Outside The Lines”: Incumbent protection now makes a Congressional seat virtually permanent.

Jan 07 1998

View From The North Country

  • Jan 7, 1998

1998...Will "New Era" deflate?  Thermal pollution time...Steve Leuthold offers his 1998 views on U.S. stock market, interest rates, economy, etc.  Also a review of 1997's prognostications.

Feb 05 1993

Inside The Bond Market

  • Feb 5, 1993

1993's bond market has started on a strong note, with gains of two points or more in long T-bonds.

Mar 07 1990

Scanning The Market: February

  • Mar 7, 1990

The table on the next page is a performance run down for our equity market sectors ranked by February performance.