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Nov 07 2019

U.K. Stocks: Bottom Fishing… & Chips

  • Nov 7, 2019

A preview of the upcoming Of Special Interest that will examine if the tortured process of Brexit is creating an opportunity to bottom fish washed-out and unloved U.K. stocks. Time to buy?

Aug 07 2013

The Dollar: Upside Limited In The Near Term

  • Aug 7, 2013

A closer look at the dollar’s two main counterparts, the euro and the yen, reveals a regime shift in both cases, but for different reasons.

Jun 06 2012

New Higher Risk Signal Generated But Optimistically Cautious

  • Jun 6, 2012

This new “Higher Risk” signal closed out the previous “Lower Risk” signal generated last December, and this measure is telling us it’s time to play a little defense.


Jul 06 2010

Risk Aversion and “Episodic” Factor Returns: Investors Favoring Conservative Characteristics

  • Jul 6, 2010

We expect risk appetites to remain low and investors to continue to reward conservative stock characteristics over the next 3-6 months.


Apr 05 2008

What A Difference The Currency Makes

  • Apr 5, 2008

A look at gold priced in dollars versus euros.


Dec 05 2007

Long Term Bullish Case: Dollar Versus The Euro

  • Dec 5, 2007

Thanks to weak dollar, foreigners may be buying up Florida vacation homes. The U.S. is now on sale! Making the long term bullish case for a dollar rally against the euro.

Apr 05 2006

View From The North Country

  • Apr 5, 2006

Steve presents the transcript of his April 3rd interview with Barron's Senior Editor, Sandra Ward.

May 04 2005

Checking In On The Dollar

  • May 4, 2005

In Steve Leuthold’s 2005 ‘Outlook’, he called for a strengthening of the Dollar vs. the Euro in 2005, with the Dollar/Euro exchange rate hitting 1.16 before year end. So far, the dollar has made good progress towards achieving that target.

Apr 05 2005

Energy Prices In Perspective

  • Apr 5, 2005

With oil and gas prices continuing to make new highs, we thought it would be helpful to put some perspective on rising energy prices.

Nov 03 2004

View From The North Country

  • Nov 3, 2004

Steve Leuthold answers client questions in this month’s “View From The North Country”, including his thoughts on the slowing earnings growth, and his definition of secular bear markets. His dollar outlook is also updated.

Nov 03 2004

Industrial Metals Stocks: October Brings A Wild Ride For Metals Investors

  • Nov 3, 2004

Physical metals experienced a deep sell-off on Wednesday Oct. 13th.  It was one of the largest single day drops ever in the base metals markets, prompting London metals traders to dub the day “Black Wednesday.”

Jan 05 2004

Different Pictures Of Gold Prices

  • Jan 5, 2004

Gauging how much impact the dollar’s decline has had on the rising gold price.

Jul 04 2003

Inflationary Impact Of The Falling Dollar

  • Jul 4, 2003

Much of the upward price movement in commodity prices, as measured in U.S. dollars, is the result of the weak dollar. A weaker dollar has an inflationary impact on U.S. prices.

Jul 03 2001

View From The North Country

  • Jul 3, 2001

The European view of the world, by guest “View” editor, Jim Bianco.