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Jun 05 2015

US Bonds

  • Jun 5, 2015

Net inflows turned into net outflows as investors deem the spread cushion inadequate.

Feb 05 2000

Who's Afraid of the Fed?

  • Feb 5, 2000

The public certainly is not afraid of Mr Greenspan…..Strong public confidence now a key stock market support factor.

Nov 04 1998

Bond Market Summary

  • Nov 4, 1998

At current levels U.S. T-bonds are no longer viewed as attractive. U.S. T-bond potential downside now about matches upside potential. Our 17 year old 5% T-bond target was achieved last month.

Jun 03 1998

Inside the Bond Market

  • Jun 3, 1998

Asian crisis not helping much (yet), putting brakes on strong U.S. economy (except on earnings)...Asia (including Japan) will become heavier “drag” on U.& in next six months...Inflation likely to increase slightly but still viewed as tame.

Jun 05 1995

Worth Noting

  • Jun 5, 1995

T-bonds are now clearly in the lead in the 1995 Performance Derby. Do dividend yields matter? Polling the pros in Baltimore and Boston.

Oct 05 1994

View From the North Country

  • Oct 5, 1994

Treasury zero bonds are becoming increasingly attractive for retirement accounts and other investors who want to know with absolute certainty how much they are going to get and when they will get it. Also, preliminary Leuthold Group economic and market projections for 1995.

May 05 1994

Inside the Bond Market

  • May 5, 1994

Weight of the evidence discipline remains negative, but market now in 7.50%-8.00% accumulation zone. Yield curve looks like it may be flattening out.

Dec 05 1992

Bond Market Summary

  • Dec 5, 1992

All things considered, I think November's long bond market performed surprisingly well.

May 05 1992

Bond Market Summary

  • May 5, 1992

The bond market continued to edge higher in the first part of April, but then the Chicago River drained the T-bond market of its liquidity, flooding out T-bond and T-note futures trading.

Mar 07 1990

One View Of The 1990's

  • Mar 7, 1990

The January issue included our set of traditional economic and market predictions for the New Year.

Jun 01 1989

Today’s Risk and Return in Australian Bonds

  • Jun 1, 1989

Aussie bonds appear to be a very attractive investment. But what effect will a falling (or rising) Australian dollar in a variety of interest rate environments have on U.S. investors who buy Australian bonds?

Aug 01 1988

Bond Market Summary

  • Aug 1, 1988

T-bonds went into a seven trading day swoon in early July. Then for the rest of the month they backed and filled. Outside the Treasury market, damage was considerably less in July.

Apr 01 1988

Bond Market Summary

  • Apr 1, 1988

T-bonds slide 4-5 points in March, with corporates holding up better. Bonds look good, but T-bonds are expected to suffer from renewed inflation fears, dollar weakness, deficit concerns and maybe big foreign selling.

Feb 07 1988

January Was Impressive

  • Feb 7, 1988

The new year started with a brief sinking spell for the bond market.

Jun 06 1983

Bond Market Summary

  • Jun 6, 1983

In recent weeks the municipal market has been relatively weak compared to other fixed income markets. Long municipal yields are now 89% of long T-bonds, back up to about the levels where we recommended our unorthodox move in early February. It looks like a great opportunity.